1000 e-Way Bills in 1 minute – Get Tally Plugin

By | March 26, 2020
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1000 e-Way Bills in 1 minute – Get Tally Plugin

e-Way Bill mechanism & how to generate an e-Way Bill

Since the e-Way Bill Rule came into action from April 2018, e-Way bill has played a major role in the transportation of goods in the country both inter & intra-state.

e-Way Bill is a mandatory document that the transporter of a consignment needs to carry, while transporting goods, worth Rs. 50,000 or more, anywhere in the country, both inter & intrastate.

Majorly the e-Way Bill is generated by the Supplier of the goods, but in any case, the Buyer & the Transporter can also generate the e-Way Bills, given that the generator of the e-Way Bill is GST Registered.

The introduction of the e-Way Bill system was an initiative of the Government against tax evasion & frauds, & the Government is very serious & determined to make sure that the revenue leakage is tamed & thus has imposed strict actions against non-compliance.


The goods being transported without an e-Way Bill are liable to seizure & even confiscation if the Owner of the goods doesn’t show up. If not seized, the Owner of the goods is levied with a penalty of at least Rs. 10,000 or the amount of eligible tax, whichever is higher.


To avoid such loss bearing consequences it is mandatory for the Businesses to comply with the e-Way Bill system. But the e-Way Bill at times stands out as a hitch for Business, due to the extensively lengthy generation process.

The e-way bill is an addition to the long list of documents in the GST Filing, & generating an e-Way Bill may not be very convenient for big businesses with a larger number of transactions going on daily.

The generation of e-Way Bills involves the following steps-

  1. Log in to the e-Way Bill Portal
  2. Under Generate new, click on ‘e-Way Bill’
  3. A long list of around 14 mandatory fields appears on the screen. Fill the required details in these fields.
  4. Enter the Vehicle & Transporter details.
  5. Then click on ‘Submit’
  6. The e-Way Bill shall be generated in the standard JSON format.

Now, this file needs to be converted into an ERP compatible format through offline utility tools, by the user, & then be uploaded on the ERP Billing software for the record.

Now, this is a tedious, manual process requiring multiple steps & multiple site destinations, being the ERP & e-Way Bill Portal. The process consumes time & manual efforts, which the businesses can invest elsewhere & increase productivity.

e-Way Bill generation process- an obstruction for Businesses


The generation process of e-Way Bills has many major obstacles, a few of them have been enlightened below-

Problems with JSON File-

While generating e-Way Bills from the e-Way Bill portal, the user has to download the e-Way Bills in the JSON File format. Handling & storing these JSON Files is a slow task. Making any error rectification or changes in the JSON File is a severe, & highly technical job, that consumes too much time.

Repeated To & Fro from the e-Way Bill Portal & ERP-

The user has to make multiple switches from the e-Way Bill portal to the ERP since the Invoices against which the e-Way Bills are generated are made within the ERP. The Invoice data is to be fed to the e-Way Bill Portal & again the e-Way Bills need to be reported to ERP, adding needless steps in the process.

Higher Volume of Transactions-

With the increasing number of transactions, it becomes tougher to repeat the same process for each e-Way Bill, which increases the chances of delay in the transaction.

Manual Entry Errors-

While manually entering values to generate e-Way Bills, occurring of errors is only natural. However such manual data entry errors cannot be ignored since it can lead to trouble.

Reconciliation of e-Way Bill & GSTR-1 –

It is now important for Businesses to reconcile the GSTR-1 data with the e-Way Bill to ensure, no Invoice is missed for e way bill generation & vice versa. The same is not mentioned anywhere in the process.

Why Businesses need to Comply with the e-Way Bill system

Overcoming these problems & complying with the e-Way Bill System is important for the Business given the troubles that string along with the non-compliance of the same.

Not carrying an e-Way Bill, Or carrying an expired or wrong e-Way Bill can lead to penalties & notices. Goods in transit with such defaulted or no e-Way Bill are liable to be seized or detained by the authorities.

The consigner shall be levied with a penalty of Rs. 10,000 or the amount of tax intended to be evaded, whichever is higher. Hence the bare minimum penalty for non-compliance with the e-Way Bill is Rs. 10,000.

These consequences can have critical impacts on the business in terms of cash flow & can lead to a momentary halt.

Troubleshoot the e-Way Bill Compliance problems away in 1-Click

The importance of e-Way Bill & its compliance holds significance in multiple stages of the trade of business. Despite the process being long and hard to deal with, the Business must find a way around the flaws & build harmony with the e-Way Bill System & avoid friction.

Technology, however, can play a supportive role in the context. The automation of the e-Way Bill generation process reduces the needless steps that make the process slow & effortful for the user.

One such high-end solution is provided by GSTHero. GSTHero is a sterling & highly efficient GST Suvidha Provider, authorized by the Government of India.

GSTHero has come up with the most robust & yet user-friendly solutions for the tricky issues that string along with GST, e-Way Bills, & E-Invoicing compliance.

GSTHero e-Way Bill Integration Solution is exactly what businesses need to knock down the prolonged generation process. Integration of the Software Plug-in with the user’s billing system enables the user to perform multiple e-Way Bill operations from the ERP itself, without having to visit the e-Way Bill Portal even once.

The user can generate 1000 e-Way Bills in a minute in one click without the e-Way Bill Portal !

  • Data Security- GSTHero is an ISO certified service provider, meaning your precious data is 100% safe & secure at all points at all costs.
  • Versatility– GSTHero bears the capacity to handle the constant fluctuations of the GST System with utter ease.
  • Capacity to handle Volume– The robustness of GSTHero is unmatched as it can handle even high volumes of data efficiently.
  • Solid & dedicated Support– At GSTHero we have a highly dedicated work-pressed team to provide the best after-sales support & query resolution at a quick turnaround time
  • On integration– your ERP becomes the single stop for all the e-Way Bill operations. Generate, Edit, Cancel, & Consolidate e-Way Bills as quick as in click from a single site.
  • Time & energy Saver– Automating the e-Way Bill process drops out the chances of human errors & saves precious time & efforts.
  • User-friendly Integration– Prompt, Hasslefree & User-friendly Integration with the Billing System

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