29th GST Council Meeting : Agenda and Minutes : Download on 4th Aug 2018

By | December 24, 2018
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29th GST Council Meeting : Agenda and Minutes

29th GST Council Meeting date held on 04th Aug 2018.

Agenda of 29th GST Council Meeting

There are 4 volumes and one table agenda

Detailed Agenda Note Volume 1 – 29th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda Note Volume 2 – 29th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda Note Volume 3 – 29th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda Note Volume 4 – 29th GSTCM

Table agenda – Proposal to withdraw amendment to Section 16(2) of the CGST Act, 2017

Minutes of 29th GST Council Meeting

Cashback scheme for digital payments

” रूपे डेबिट कार्ड, भीम, USSD आदि द्वारा किये गये ट्रांसेक्शन के लिये गरीब वर्ग को सुविधा दी जायेगी कि यदि वह डिजिटल पेमेंट कर के वस्तु खरीदेंगे, तो उसमें GST का 20% कैशबैक के रूप में उपभोक्ता को मिले :  ”

Decision on Digital Payments by the 29th GST Council to States willing to volunteer to participate in Cashback scheme on digital payments on Pilot basis

The GST concessions on digital payments will now be available on the B2C transactions through

  • RuPay (Debit Card) and
  • UPI-Unified Payment Interface,
  • BHIM Aadhar(Bharat Interface for Money),
  • USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).

The GST concession shall be given by way of refund to the consumer in his account through an automated route.

The concession shall be 20% of total GST paid subject to the total ceiling of Rs 100 (Rs 50 CGST and Rs 50 SGST) per transaction.

The CGST amount given as cashback shall be pooled in by the Centre and SGST amount shall be pooled in by the respective State.

Returns under GST

Till the time the new return filing system approved in the 28th GST Council Meeting is developed and implemented, it has been approved to:-

  1. to continue present system of filing of GST return in GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B till 31st march 2019
  2. Postpone furnishing of details in GSTR 2 and GSTR 3 till 31st march 2019

Decisions on GST

Law committee to decide GST procedural issues

GST Fitment committee to discusse GST Rate Issues

Group of Ministers to recommend issues on GST rates to  GST council

एक मंत्रियों का समूह, जिसके हेड केंद्र के वित्त राज्य मंत्री श्री शिव प्रताप शुक्ला रहेंगे, बनाया जायेगा, इस समूह के द्वारा विषयों का गहराई से अध्ययन करके GST काउंसिल के समक्ष रखा जायेगा :

Press Conference  after 29th GST Council Meeting

Refer All GST Council Meeting updates

29th GST Council Meeting will focus on MSME Sector

D.O. Letter of Member (GST) to GST Council and CGST Zones to request MSME taxpayers and their trade and industry associations to forward their grievances/issues related to GST along with suggestion for next GST Council Meeting on MSME. Refer Letter below

29th GST Council Meeting


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