Aadhaar Manatory for National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education w.e.f 30.06.2017

By | February 17, 2017
(Last Updated On: February 17, 2017)


(Department of School Education and Literacy)


New Delhi, the 15th February, 2017.

S.O. 475(E).—Whereas, the use of Aadhaar as identity document for delivery of services or benefits or subsidies simplifies the Government delivery processes, brings in transparency and efficiency, and enables beneficiaries to get their entitlements directly in a convenient and seamless manner and Aadhaar obviates the need for producing multiple documents to prove one’s identity;

And whereas, the National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education (the Scheme) involve expenditure incurred from the Consolidated Fund of India;

Now, therefore, in pursuance of the provisions of section (7) of the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016 (18 of 2016) (hereinafter referred to the said Act), the Central Government in the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education and Literacy hereby notifies the following, namely:—

1. (1) Children receiving benefit under the aforesaid Scheme are hereby required to furnish proof of possession of Aadhaar or undergo Aadhaar authentication and the disbursement of incentive amount under the Scheme shall be linked to possession of Aadhaar by the children or had undergone Aadhaar authentication, as the case may be, and the responsibility to collect Aadhaar from children or to authenticate them, as the case may be, shall be on the Principal of the School concerned, in coordination with parents or guardians of the children.

(2) Children receiving benefits under the aforesaid Scheme who are not yet enrolled for Aadhaar shall have to apply for Aadhaar enrolment by 30th June, 2017 and in case he or she is entitled to obtain Aadhaar as per the provisions of section 3 of the said Act, the Principal of the School shall ensure and make arrangement to ensure that such children are taken to the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Center (list available at “www.uidai.gov.in”) for enrolling them for Aadhaar

(3) As per regulation 12 of the Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update) Regulations, 2016, the School Education department or the department dealing with the aforesaid Scheme in the State (herein after called ‘department’) is required to offer enrolment facilities for the children who are not yet enrolled for Aadhaar and in case there are no Aadhaar Enrolment Centers located in the vicinity, the department shall provide enrolment facilities at convenient locations in coordination with the existing Registrars of UIDAI or may provide Aadhaar enrolment facilities by becoming UIDAI Registrar:

Provided that till the time Aadhaar is assigned to the children, incentive amount shall be sanctioned to the children, subject to the production of the following documents by the parent or guardian, as the case may be, namely:—

(a) (i) if the child has enrolled, his Aadhaar Enrolment ID slip; or (ii) a copy of his request made for Aadhaar enrolment, as specified in sub-paragraph (2) of paragraph 2; and

(b) (i) Bank passbook with photograph; or (ii) Photo Identity Card issued by the Principal of the School or Tehsildar; or (iii) any other document specified by the State Education Department.

2. (1) In order to provide convenient and hassle free subsidy or benefits to the beneficiaries, department through their field units and schools shall make all the required arrangements including the following, namely:—

(2) Wide publicity through media and individual notices at schools shall be given to children and their parents or guardians to make them aware of the requirement of Aadhaar to receive the incentive amount under the aforesaid Scheme and the parents or guardians may be advised to get their children enrolled at the nearest enrolment centers available in their areas by 30th June, 2017, in case they are not already enrolled. The list of locally available enrolment centres should be made available to them.

(3) In case, the beneficiaries are not able to enroll due to non-availability of enrolment centres within vicinity from the school or where they reside, the department is required to create enrolment facilities at convenient locations and the children and their parents or guardian may be requested to register their request for enrolment by giving their names with other details, such as, school roll number or class details, school name, address, mobile number on their web portal and such requests may also be registered with the schools.

3. This notification shall come into effect from the date of its publication in all the States except the States of Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu and Kashmir.

[F. No. 8-5/2016-SS (Vol.II)-Pt.]

D. K. GOEL, Dy. Secy.

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