Advanced Accounting Book for IPC by M.P. Vijay Kumar – 2017 Edition

By | February 21, 2017
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First Lessons in ADVANCED ACCOUNTING (For Intermediate (IPC) Course Group II Students) (with reference to the Companies Act 2013 and Schedule III) (Incorporating Amendments by Notification dt. 30-3-2016) (Including November 2016 Solved Paper)  by M.P. Vijay Kumar

Description of Advanced Accounting Book for IPC by M.P. Vijay Kumar 
Written in an easy-to-grasp style, this is a complete and dependable companion for self-study students, to gain expertise in the subject of Accounting. For Intermediate (IPC) Course Group II Students Including November 2016 Solved Paper with Reference to the Companies Act 2013 and Schedule III Incorporating Amendments by Notification dt. 30-3-2016
Company Accounts
•   Accounting for ESOR Underwriting, and Buyback of Equity Shares
•   Redemption of Preference Shares and Debentures
•   Advanced problems in Amalgamation, reconstruction and liquidation of companies
•   Financial Reporting of Banking and Insurance Companies
Advanced Issues in Partnership
•   Dissolution of firm including piecemeal distribution of assets, Amalgamation of firms,
Conversion into a company and Sale to a company.
Special transactions
•   Branch Accounts including Foreign branch
•   Departmental Accounts
Accounting Standards
Applicable (AS 4,5,11,12,16,19,20,26,29)
• Fully solved problems exceeding 150
• Step-by-step methodology to solve problem
• Problems to practice with solution and its approach
• Functional presentation of theory
• Lucid presentation of Revised Schedule VI
• Applicable for May 2017 exams
1    Branch Accounting
2    Departmental Accounting
3    Partnership Accounts
4    Company Accounts — ESOP
5    Company Accounts — Buyback
6    Company Accounts — Underwriting
7    Company Accounts — Redemption of Debentures
8    Company Accounts — Redemption of Preference Shares
9    Company Accounts — Liquidation
10    Company Accounts — Amalgamation
11    Company Accounts — Reconstruction
12    Accounting for Banking Companies
13    Accounting for Insurance Companies
14    Accounting Standards
AS-4:Contingencies and events occurring after balance sheet date
AS-5:Net Profit or Loss for the Period, Prior Period Items and Changes in Accounting Policies
AS-11(R):The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
AS-12 Accounting for Government Grants
AS-16 Borrowing costs
AS-19 Leases
AS-20 Earnings Per Share
AS-26 Intangible Assets
AS-29 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets
Appendix :   Solved Paper November 2016

Advanced Accounting Book for IPC by M.P. Vijay Kumar

You can buy this book for Rs 1152 . Click to buy this book online . It has 1186 pages. Snow White Publications Pvt Ltd – January 2017 Edition.

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