After Panama Papers, now Bahamas leak revealing 475 India related files

By | September 23, 2016
(Last Updated On: September 23, 2016)

After Panama Papers, here comes Bahamas leak revealing 475 India related files 

After the biggest-ever leak of offshore entities in Panama Papers, here comes the Bahamas leaks. It reveals incorporation details of more than 175,000 companies, trust and foundations registered in Bahamas, the Caribbean tax heaven.

An investigation of list by the Indian Express has shown that the Bahamas leaks has 475 India-related files.

Some of the names revealed in the Panama Papers have come up in the Bahamas leak too.

This revelation has been made at a time when less than 10 days are left for closure of the Income Declaration Scheme.

The information listed in Bahamas papers are static in nature and provides only company’s name, its date of creation, its directors and the physical and mailing address.


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