Anti Profiteering example in GST

By | May 8, 2018
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Anti Profiteering example in GST

Anti Profiteering example in GST of Car  dealer

Anti Profiteering example in GST

Comparative rates of pre-GST and post-GST tax on the model of car purchased by the applicant which are given in Table ‘A’ below:-


Duty/Tax/CessPre-GST Rate (%)Post-GST Rate (%)
Excise Duty (S. No. 285 of Notification No.12/2012-CE dt. 17.03.2012, as amended)12.5
National Calamity Contingent Duty (NCCD)1
Auto Cess0.125
Infra Cess1
Total (A)14.625
CST (B=0.05% on A)0.007
Total (C=A+B)14.632
VAT(D)=(14.5% on C)16.622
Total tax rate (C+D)31.25429

The pre-GST and post-GST ex-showroom prices of the car purchased by the applicant were also worked out as per Table ‘B’ below:-


ParticularsFactorPre-GST (in Rs.)Post-GST (in Rs.)
Basic price of Car Model:WR-V.1.2VX MT (i- VTEC)A6,59,1756,58,718
Excise Duty @12.5%B=A*12.5%82,397
Auto Cess @ 0.125%D=A*0.125%824
Infra Cess @1%E=A*1%6,592
Ex -factory PriceF= Add A to E7,55,5796,58,718
CST@0.05%G= F*.05%378
Transit InsuranceI121108
Dealer Landed PriceJ= Add F to I7,60,5306,63,086
Dealer MarginK33,61933,619
Dealer PriceL= J+K7,94,1496,96,705
VAT@ 14.5%M= L*14.5%1,15,152
GST+Cess @ 29%N= L*29%2,02,044
Ex-showroom price of Alabaster Silver colour car0= L+M/N9,09,3008,98,750
Additional cost of Orchid White colour carP4,000
Ex-showroom price of Orchid white colour carQ=O+P9,13,300
Price charged from the applicant8,98,750
Benefit passed on to the applicant (excluding Rs. 4,000/- reduced for change in colour)10,550

GST Anti Profiteering Provisions : Free Study Material

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Anti Profiteering example in GST

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