Art of Cross Examination – Book 2017 Edition – Surender Pal singh & Rajender Pal Singh

By | April 22, 2017
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Art of Cross Examination (Cross-Examination-An Overview and Cross Examination on Framed Cases) (Law Books) Paperback – 2017 by Surender Pal singh & Rajender Pal Singh (Author)

Contents of this Book –

**Cross-Examination Of Witness **Phenomenon Of Cross-Examination **Examination In chief **Cross Examination Of Witnesses **Cross Examination Of Documents **Checking Of Improper Cross Examination **Without Holding Of Document In Public Interest **Re-Examination **Cross Examination-Case Law **Presence Of Accused


**Bigamy/Adultery **Bribery-Cross Examination Of Prosecution **Bribery-Cross Examination Of Two Witness **Bride Burning-Cross Examination Of Prosecution Witness **Case On Disproportionate Assets-Method Of Calculation Of Income **Character Of Witness-Cross Examination Of Prosecution Witness **Cruelty-Cross-Examination Of Complainant **Dacoity Case **Departmental Inquiry-Cross Examination Of Investigating Officer **During The Course Of Business-Cross Examination Of Prosecution Witness **Dying Declaration-Cross-Examination Of The Investigating Officer **Dying Declaration (Of Executive Magistrate) **Finger Print-Cross-Examination Of Expert **Grievous Hurt -Cross-Examination Of Doctor **How To Cross-Examine Investigating Officer **Insanity-(Insane/Unsound Mind)-Cross **Insanity-Paranoid/Schizophrenia (Mental Illness) -Cross Examination Of Doctor **Senile Dementia/Arcus Senilis **Murder-Cross Examination (Jassica Lal Murder)-Examination Of Prosecution Witnesses-Framing Of Cases-Post Mortem Report-Murder (Exceptions)-Section 302 Converted Into Section 304(4) Indian Penal Code, 1860 **Murder Case-Cross Examination Of Prosecution **Narcotics-Question For Cross Examination-Question To Forensic LaboratoryExpert-Handwriting/FingerPrint-Cross Examination Of DW And Expert **Private/Self Defence-Prosecution Witness -Cross Examination **Prosecution Sanction **Sexual Harassment-Case Of Bill Clintion **Stolen Goods-Cross Examination of Prosecution **Table of Cases-Cross Examination

Art of Cross Examination - Book 2017 Edition

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  • Paperback: 426 pages
  • Publisher: Kamal Publishers; 2017 edition (2017)
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