Authorization Letter for GST – Format

By | March 8, 2017
(Last Updated On: March 8, 2017)

Fomat of Authorization Letter for Colleting Provisional Password and IDS for GST from State VAT Departments / Authorization Letter for GST Registration

Particulars for Authorized Representative 

1.Name of the Firm :________________________________
2.Place of business with address________________________________



3.Full name of the authorized representative________________________________
4.Designation :________________________________
5.Permanent Residential Address :________________________________
E-mail id________________________________
Telephone Number(s)________________________________
Mobile Number(s)________________________________
Fax Number(s)________________________________
6.Period for which authorized to act as an authorized representative________________________________


I/we declare that the person named above is authorized to act as an authorized representative for the above referred business for the purpose of collecting GST Id and password only. His action in relation to this business shall be binding on me/us.



 Full name                                         Signature                                                      Status

Acceptance as an authorized Representative:-

I, accept to act as an authorized representative for the above referred business for the afore-mentioned purpose.

Full name of the person_____________________________________
Signature of authorized representative_____________________________________
Signature of attestor

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