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By | September 2, 2018
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(Last Updated On: September 3, 2018)

Bank of India App

(Banking Through Mobile)
For Smart Phones with Immediate Payment Service – (IMPS)

BOI * BTM Mobile Banking facility can be availed by all Individual Retail Banking customers. The application is currently compatible to the following type of smart phones:

Operating System Versions
Android 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 4.0
Blackberry 4.6, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0
iPhone (ios) 4.0, 5.0

Customers can download the application from major app stores like Play Store for Android phones, Blackberry App World for Blackberry phones and App Store for iPhones. The application can be searched by the name of BOI – BTM in these app stores. No other modes of downloading of application are currently made available.

Mobile Banking application – Installation and Use guidelines:
i. Customer can download the application from relevant app store.
ii. After successful downloading and installing of Mobile Banking application, customer needs to send an SMS by typing the keyword „starotp‟ and send it to our Bank‟s long code 9810558585 from his Registered Mobile Number.

iii. The Mobile banking application can be used in any smart phone having Android / Blackberry / IOS operating systems. However, the „starotp‟ message needs to be sent from Registered Mobile number of customer only.
iv. On opening the MB application, in the home page itself there is an option for “Terms and conditions” which the user has to accept so as to proceed further.
v. In the first instance, customer needs to activate himself / herself. Customer would be prompted to enter his / her Mobile banking User Name and OTP received through „starotp‟ message.

vi. Upon successful entry of authentic User Name and OTP, customer can set his / her MPIN. This MPIN is a four digit numeric value and would be required to be set for subsequent login.
vii. Once customer sets his MPIN then the activation process is completed. Subsequent login can take place using the issued User Name and MPIN.
viii. MPIN can be changed at later point of time whenever required using „Change MPIN‟ option available under „More‟ tab in application.
ix. By default customer would be provided view menu profile for Mobile Banking. Customers having opted for Transaction based menu profile at the time of Registration can set their Transaction passwords through Mobile Banking application. The Transaction Password is Alpha Numeric (Min 6 to Max 10 chars). However the Transaction password set would remain
in a disabled status. Customer needs to once again place the request for enabling of Transaction password either through Branch or Internet Banking portal using Internet Banking credentials.

x. Upon receiving of request for enabling of Transaction password, the Transaction password set by the customer would be enabled on real time basis.

Bank of India App : BOI Mobile Click here to Download

BOI Mobile, the most comprehensive and secure Mobile Banking application, offers all banking services on your mobile.

A quick and easy registration is all you need to avail Bank of India Mobile Banking services.

The features of the new BOI Mobile are:

a) View and transact from all your accounts including Loans and Deposits

b) Check your bank balance, view & email detailed statement and view passbook on your mobile

c) Transfer funds to an any Bank account using IMPS/NEFT/RTGS

d) Transact super fast using Favourite feature. By tagging a transaction as favourite, you can quickly access and complete your transactions for fund transfer

e) Get personalised offers on your mobile

f) Service At Your Convenience: Avail banking services from the comfort of your home. You can locate an ATM, stop or check status of your cheque, order a cheque book, track your service requests and more.


Click here to Download

Bank of India offers UPI application for the customers of BOI as well of other banks to register in the app and link their accounts. Customer shall be able to Pay and initiated collect money requests to their contacts.

All you need is their virtual identity, which could be xxxx@boi (just as an example) (just replace xxxx with your phone number/userid here).

Make payments easier using Virtual Payment Address(VPA) Pay & collect in BOI UPI by Managing all your accounts in a single app.

What are the requirements for using UPI?
You should have following:
· An android phone with internet services
· An operative bank account
· The mobile number being registered with UPI, must be linked to the bank account.
· Active debit card relating to this account for creating UPIPIN.

How do I register in the BOI UPI application?
· Tap Send SMS to verify your mobile number. An SMS will be sent from your mobile for verification. The SMS should be sent from the mobile number registered with the bank accounts.
· After your mobile number is verified, the New Registration screen is displayed. Fill in the required details.
· Create four digits numeric password for logging in to application and confirm the same.

Features of BHIM BOI UPI :
• Anyone (BOI customers and non-BOI customers) can use the BHIM BOI UPI banking app to make payments from their mobile to anyone without knowing the recipient’s bank details
• You can add multiple bank accounts on the BHIM BOI UPI payment app
• You can perform instant fund transfer using UPI ID to any bank account right from BHIM BOI UPI money transfer app
• You can link the beneficiaries just by using their UPI ID on the BHIM BOI UPI mobile payment app
• Fund transfers are instant, 24*7, 365 days and absolutely free of cost and take place in a completely safe and secure way
• You can also check the balance of your linked accounts right from the BHIM BOI UPI app

How does BHIM BOI UPI work?
Getting Started
• Download the BHIM BOI UPI app from Google Play Store
• Select your preferred bank account
• Create a unique ID (for example – yourname@boi)
• Verify your account & set a UPI PIN

How to send money?
• Select your & receiver’s unique ID
• Enter amount
• Confirm mobile payment by entering UPI PIN

How to ask for money?
• Select your & sender’s unique ID
• Enter amount
• Receive money when sender approves the money transfer on his app

The new and improved interface allows you to manage your beneficiaries, pay to VPA, Account/IFSC, Aadhar and QR Codes.

Following are the transaction sets supported
• User profile registration
• Payment address creation
• Authentication
• Authorisation
• PIN generation

Core transaction functionality
• Pay request
• Collect request
• Collect request approval (Payer approval through Mobile application)
• Debiting / Crediting Payer / Payee accounts
• Virtual address resolution for NPCI-UPI
• Support for all 2-party, 3-party and 4-party models of NPCI UPI

StarToken – NG

Click here to Download

StarToken NG is the official mobile banking app from Bank of India.
StarToken NG, the next generation secure digital banking app, allows convenient access to digital banking services of Bank of India from your Android phones while maintaining the strictest security standards.
Install, Activate and Enjoy worry-free banking with intuitive user experience and watertight security from REL-ID

• Quick Banking featuring your frequently used banking services such as Balance Inquiry, Mini Statement, Self-Link Fund Transfer, Third-Party Fund Transfer, NEFT etc.
• Search for nearby ATM or Branch
• Transaction authorization for seamless retail commerce experience
• One click access to online banking for additional services like utility payments, tax payments etc.
And many more…

BOI Billpay

Click here to Download

BOI Bill Pay is an integrated, inter operable and dedicated bill payment solution that allows Bank Of India customers to make electricity,water,gas,mobile bill payments and quick recharge for DTH and Prepaid Mobile using BOI Debit Card.Payment option such as minimum, full, partial, excess, cut off (specified payment duration) and penalty payment (payment after due date).


Click here to Download

BHIM Aadhar Pay is a payment interface for merchants which allows merchants to receive digital payments using only Merchant’s Aadhar linked accounts with customer’s Aadhar linked account and biometric authentication of the customer. The interface uses Aadhar linked accounts of the merchants with the customer’s Aadhar linked account for transaction.


Click here to Download

StarGlobal is the official secure digital mobile banking app from Bank of India, which allows convenient access to digital banking services of Bank of India’s Global branches. Select appropriate country from the Connection Profile settings and access your Internet Banking securely.
StarGlobal, the next generation secure digital banking app, maintains the strictest security standards.
Install, Activate and Enjoy worry-free banking with intuitive user experience and watertight security from REL-ID.

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