Bank of Maharashtra International Debit Card Features

By | September 10, 2018
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(Last Updated On: September 12, 2018)

Bank of Maharashtra International Debit Card

Who Can have International Debit Card?

 All Savings Bank, Mahabank Royal Savings Bank, Current Account (Sole Proprietorship & Individuals), Diamond
Current Account (Sole Proprietorship & Individuals) and OD Account against LIC/NSC/FD Customers including
NRI customers.
 Minors of 10 years of age and above maintaining savings account singly
 Savings Bank customers having joint accounts provided operating instructions are ‘ Payable to Either or Survivor’

Where can this Card be used?

 At Bank’s ATMs.
 The Bank of Maharashtra International Debit Card is accepted at over 32000 Visa Electron ATMs in India and
1000000 ATMs worldwide. The card is also accepted at any 350000 merchant outlets in India and around 29
millions globally. The card enables you to enjoy the convenience of cash-less purchasing power without the
fear of overdrawing your account  At more than 7000 POS

Key Benefits

 Take advantage of the most widely accepted card and be able to withdraw from any ATM displaying the VISA logo,
in India and abroad.

 At VISA Electron merchant shops, it can also serve as your electronic purse, and money gets debited instantly
from your account, as you pay.
 The Card allows you to get mini-statements from Bank of  Maharashtra ATMs, or to check the balance in your
account, avoiding visits to even our nearest branches.
 The card allows you to withdraw cash from linked accounts only from Bank of Maharashtra ATMs
 Change your PIN in any of the Bank of Maharashtra ATMs

Usage Ceilings

 At ATMs: 4 Transaction per day subject to maximum Rs 20000/- per day for normal saving account and Rs.
50000/- per day for Mahabank Royal Account
 At Point-of-Sales : Rs 25000/- per day. For normal saving accounts and Rs. 50000/- for Mahabank Royal Saving
These limits are subject to balance available in the account of card holder.

Fees/ Renewal Fees

 After First year , Annual Charges of Rs. 100/- and applicable service tax
 Free in case of Mahabank Royal Saving Account holder

ATM Cash Withdrawal

 Bank of Maharashtra  ATMs – NIL
 Other Bank ATMs In India

In India

o Five Transaction (including financial & Non financial) Free
o Sixth Transaction onwards Rs. 20/- for financial & Rs. 10/- for Non financial


o – Rs 100/- per transaction For USA & Rs.105/- per transaction for other countries


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