Book Divorce Act 1869 by Lawmann -2017 Edition

By | March 7, 2017
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Divorce Act 1869 by Lawmann  -2017 Edition.

Contents :
1. Matrimonial Jurisdiction of High Courts to be exercised subject to Act-Exception
2. Enforcement of decrees or orders made heretofore by Supreme Court or High Court
3. Pending Suits
4. Court to Act on Principles of English Divorce Court
5. Extraordinary Jurisdiction of High Court
6. Reference to High Court
7. Grounds for dissolution of marriage
8. Dissolution of Marriage
9. Adulterer or Adulteress to be Co-Respondent
10.Court to be Satisfied of Absence of Collusion Dismissal of Petition
11. Power to Court to Pronounce decree for Dissolving Marriage
12. Grounds of Decree
13. Confirmation of District Judge’s Decree
14. Children of Annulled Marriage
15. Bar to Decree for Divorce a Mensa Et Toro but Judicial but Judicial Separation Obtainable by husband or wife
16. Application for Separation made by petition
17. Separated wife deemed spinster with respect to after-acquired property
18. Separated wife deemed spinster for purposes of contract and suing
19. Reversal of Decree of Separation
20. Deserted wife may apply to court for protection
21. Court may grant Protection Orders
22. Discharge or Variation of Orders
23. Liability of Husband Seizing wife’s property after notice of order Wife’s legal position during continuance of order
24. Petition for restitution of conjugal rights
25. Husband may claim damages from adulterer
26. Court may direct payment of alimony to wife or to her trustee
27. Power to order settlement of wife’s property for benefit of husband and children
28. Inquiry into existence of ante-nuptial or post-nuptial settlements
29. Power to make orders as to custody of Children in suits for separation
30. Power to make orders as to custody of children in suits for dissolution or nullity
31. Forms of petitions and statements Stamp on Petition-Petition to State absence of collusion
32. Suits by Minors
33. Service of Petition
34. Mode of taking evidence
35. Competence of Husband and wife to give evidence as to cruelty or desertion

Divorce Act 1869 by Lawmann  -2017 Edition.

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  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Kamal Publishers; 2017 edition (2017)

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