Cases Reported to Competition Commission of India in last 3 years

By | February 26, 2016
(Last Updated On: February 26, 2016)

Assessment and Functioning of CCI  

Competition Commission of India (CCI) is a Statutory Body established under the Competition Act, 2002 to prevent practices having adverse effect on competition, to promote and sustain competition in markets while protecting the interests of the consumers.  The Commission prepares and forwards to the Central Government an annual report giving a full account of its activities during the previous year, which is laid before each Houses of Parliament.   The number of cases of cartelisation/unethical business practices reported to CCI in the last three years and current year under provisions of the Competition Act, 2002 are given below: –

YearNumber of Cases reported to CCI
2015-16 (Up to 23.02.2016)113

(Source : CCI)

The details of cases reported, action taken/penalty imposed by CCI on such companies during each of the last three years and the current year, company-wise/sector-wise are indicated in theAnnexure – I to Annexure – IV.

Under the provisions of the Competition Act, 2002 the CCI is mandated, inter-alia, to impose penalties and/or issue cease and desist orders in cases of unethical practices such as anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominance.

This was stated by Shri Arun Jaitley, Minister of Corporate Affairs in written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha today.

Annexure – I
Financial Year 2012-13
Sl. No.Name of CaseSectorPenalty Imposed

(In Rs.)

1Kannada Grahakara Koota & Shri Ganesh ChetanFILM & ENTERTAINMENT                         20,24,621
2KCEAFILM & ENTERTAINMENT                         40,29,277
3Anil KumarREAL ESTATE No Penalty Imposed
4Atos Worldline India Pvt. Ltd.FILM & ENTERTAINMENT                       4,48,40,236
5Three D Integrated Solutions LimitedREAL ESTATE No Penalty Imposed
6IFTRTFILM & ENTERTAINMENT                         14,24,521
7Rohit Medical StoreHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICAL                           2,93,699
8M/s Silarpuri Colonizers Private LimitedREAL ESTATENot Applicable
9Advertising Agencies GuildINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
10Dr. Deepa NarulaREAL ESTATENot Applicable
11Shri M. Rajendran. Kovai Cable VisionINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYUnder Conisderation
12Tamarai Technologies Private LimitedMISCELLENEOUSUnder Conisderation
13Shri Ashok Vijhay JainREAL ESTATENot Applicable
14Lt. Col. (Retd.) Dr. Mohinder Kumar YadavREAL ESTATENot Applicable
15Smt. Raj Rani Chandhok & Shree Poneet ChandhokREAL ESTATENot Applicable
16Shri Shivang AgarwalREAL ESTATENot Applicable
19Sanjay Kumar GuptaREAL ESTATENot Applicable
20Sh. Subhash YadavAUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
21Ms. Nalini GuptaMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
22Mr. Tarsem Chand & Mrs Kanta Devti MittalREAL ESTATENot Applicable
25Sreeram MushtyBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
26All India Genset Manufacturer AssociationMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
27M/s Swastik Stevedores Pvt. Ltd.MISCELLENEOUS                           3,86,492
28Mr. Khiani Hiro RattanlalMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
29Mr. Manoj Hirasingh PradeshiHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
30CINEMAX INDIA LTD.FILM & ENTERTAINMENT                         55,20,315
31Mr. A.K. JainREAL ESTATENot Applicable
32Dr. Naveen KarnwalMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
33Mineral Enter Ltd.SHIPPING & TRANSPORTNot Applicable
34PDA Trade FairsMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
35N.S. Rao & Fatima TaherBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
36Sh. Kushal K. RanaREAL ESTATENot Applicable
38Exclusive Motors Pvt. Ltd.AUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
39S. BhargavaREAL ESTATENot Applicable
40Merino Products Ltd.CHEMICAL & FERTILIZERNot Applicable
41ACPMA and its membersCEMENTNot Applicable
42Dr. Anoop BhagatHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
43Faridabad Industries Association                      25,67,27,640
44Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Comapnay LtdCOAL No Penalty Imposed
45Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Comapnay LtdCOAL No Penalty Imposed
46M/s Next Tenders (India) Private LimitedMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
47M/s Vijay Rice & General MillsMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
48Ms. Lalita Ramakrishnan and Mr. V RamakrishnanREAL ESTATENot Applicable
49Mr. Ajay Devgan FilmsFILM & ENTERTAINMENTNot Applicable
50UPSE Securities Ltd.BANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
51Mr. Manjit Singh SachdevaCIVIL AVIATIONNot Applicable
52Indian Exhibition Industry AssociationMISCELLENEOUS                       6,75,03,540
53Sponge Iron Manufacturers AssociationIRON & STEELNot Applicable
54Prasar BhartiFILM & ENTERTAINMENTUnder Conisderation
55Bengal Chemist and Druggist AssociationHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICAL                     18,38,56,470
56M/s Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd.TEXTILENot Applicable
57Mr. Karan Sehgal. Proprietor, M/s Karan Ores & SpecialsMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
58Dr. Chintamoni Ghosh, DirectorHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICAL Penalty imposed but case was clubbed along with SM2 of 2012 so penalty in that case was applicable.
59Mr. Saifudheen-ECEMENTUnder Conisderation
60Mr. Nirmal Kumar ManshaniMISCELLENEOUSUnder Conisderation
61Mr. Jitendra P. AgarwalREAL ESTATENot Applicable
62Mr. Ramakant KiniMISCELLENEOUS                       3,81,58,303
63 The Air Cargo Agents Association of IndiaMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
64HLS Asia LimitedMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
65Official BeveragesMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
66Raaj Kamal Films InternationFILM & ENTERTAINMENTUnder Conisderation
67Mr. Kuldeep SinghREAL ESTATENot Applicable
68Mr. Ajit MishraREAL ESTATENot Applicable
69M/s Oracale Drugs & otherHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
70M/s Arora Medical HallHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICAL                       2,05,42,953
71Dr. Adla Satya Narayan Rao.REAL ESTATEUnder Conisderation
72Indian Railways PatialaRAILWAYS No Penalty Imposed
73Mr. KrishnanPETROLEUM & GASNot Applicable
74Sale of Sugar Mills by UPRCGVNL & UPSSCLMISCELLENEOUSUnder Conisderation
75M/s Transparent Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. (TESPL)MISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
76Shri Shantaram WalvalkarBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
77Shri Anil GambhirMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
78 Puri VIP Floor Owners AssociationREAL ESTATENot Applicable
79Shri Tkushar Kanti DhingraREAL ESTATENot Applicable
80 Associaton of Indian Mini Blast Furnaces (AIM)IRON & STEELNot Applicable
81AdCept Technologies Pvt. Ltd.COALNot Applicable
82a’XYKno Capital Services Ltd.COALNot Applicable
83Shri Vineet KumarCIVIL AVIATIONNot Applicable
84Quadrant EPP Surlon India Ltd.MISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
85Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd.PETROLEUM & GASNot Applicable
86India Glycols LimitedCHEMICAL & FERTILIZERUnder Conisderation
87Mr. Kanwal Jit Singh, Proprietor, M/s Kanwal AutomobilesAUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
88M/s Dipak NathPETROLEUM & GASNot Applicable
89Mr. Sumit Sahni and Mrs. Anumita SahniFILM & ENTERTAINMENTNot Applicable
90Essel Shyam Communication LtdMISCELLENEOUSUnder Conisderation
91Petroleum Companies Fixing of Petrol PricesPETROLEUM & GASUnder Conisderation
92Gujarat State Electricity Corporation LimitedCOAL                17,73,05,00,000
93Mr. A.V. Murlidharan, DirectorMISCELLENEOUS                       6,53,18,000
94Mr. Dinesh TrehanREAL ESTATE No Penalty Imposed



Annexure – II

Annexure referred to Lok Sabha Un-starred Question No. 521 answered on 26.02.2016

Financial Year 2013-14
Sl. No.Name of CaseSectorPenalty Imposed

(In Rs.)

1Express Industry Council of India.FILM & ENTERTAINMENT                    2,57,91,00,000
2Shri Ghanshyam Dass Vij, Sole ProprietorHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICAL No Penalty Imposed
3Crown TheatreFILM & ENTERTAINMENT                             1,86,589
4Cartelization by Public Sector Insurance CompaniesBANKING & INSURANCE                    6,71,05,00,000
5Cartel among suppliers to ordinance factoriesMISCELLENEOUS                        3,03,78,300
6Bio-Med (P) Ltd.HEALTH & PHARMACEUTICAL                       63,53,24,669
8Shivam Enterprises and Kirtarpur Sahib Truck Operators CooperativeCOAL                             3,40,837
9Mr. P.V. Basheer AhamedFILM & ENTERTAINMENT                           25,15,315
10Chemist and Druggist Association GoaHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICAL                           10,62,062
11Mr. Bijay PoddarCOAL No Penalty Imposed
12Sai Wardha Power Company LimitedCOAL No Penalty Imposed
13The West Bengal Power Development Corp. Ltd.COAL No Penalty Imposed
14Sponge India Manufacturers vs Coal India LtdCOAL No Penalty Imposed
15DLF City Club Members Welfare Association (Regd)REAL ESTATENot Applicable
16Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)MISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
17Mr. V. SenthinathanBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
18Mr. Vikrant BhagiREAL ESTATENot Applicable
19Ester India Chemicals Limited.CHEMICAL & FERTILIZERUnder Consideration
20Mr. Achyut P. RaoREAL ESTATENot Applicable
21Mr. Rajiv Kumar ChauhanREAL ESTATENot Applicable
22Casa Paradiso Owner’s Welfare AssocaitonREAL ESTATENot Applicable
23Advertising Agencies GuildINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
24Jubiliant Life Sciences Ltd.CHEMICAL & FERTILIZERUnder Consideration
25Southern India Engineering Manufacturer’s Assc.ELECTRICITYUnder Consideration
26Shubham Srivastava and DIPPCIVIL AVIATIONNot Applicable
27K Madhusudan Rao and LodhaREAL ESTATENot Applicable
28Om Prakash and Central Bureau of NarcoticsMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
29Builders Association of Kerela vs State of Kerela and othersREAL ESTATENot Applicable
30Delhi Jal BoardMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
31Delhi Jal BoardMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
32Raghuvinder Singh v Jayaprakash Associates and othersREAL ESTATENot Applicable
33Idendity kept confidential vs Eldeco HousingREAL ESTATENot Applicable
34AB Sugar vs ISMA and othersCHEMICAL & FERTILIZERUnder Consideration
35Wave Distilleries vs ISMA and othersCHEMICAL & FERTILIZERUnder Consideration
36Lord Distilleries vs ISMA and othersCHEMICAL & FERTILIZERUnder Consideration
37Micromax Informatics LimitedINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYUnder Consideration
38Mr. A. VisvanathCIVIL AVIATIONNot Applicable
39M/s Financial Software and Systems Pvt. Ltd.INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
40JHS Svendgaard Laboratories LimitedCHEMICAL & FERTILIZERNot Applicable
41Mr. Anjan kumar BanerjeeREAL ESTATENot Applicable
42Mr. M.K. Shrivastava, DGMTELECOMMUNICATIONNot Applicable
43Mr. K.M. Chakrapani, Proprietor of M/s Coir IndiaCEMENTUnder Consideration
44Mr. Amit Kumar Singhal, ProprietorMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
45Mr. Pankaj BhardwajREAL ESTATENot Applicable
46Mr. R. RajaramanMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
47Mr. Surendra PrasadCOALNot Applicable
48State of Haryana Shree Cement and othersCEMENTUnder Consideration
49Federation of Indian PublishersMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
50Royal AgencyHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
51SRMB Srijan Limited.BANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
52Magnus GraphicsMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
53Mr. Larry Lee McCalisterMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
54Nanavati Wheels Pvt. Ltd.AUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
55Mr. Hardeep Singh Anand, Managing DirectorEDUCATIONNot Applicable
56DCMM, Kapurthala vs FaiverlyRAILWAYSNot Applicable
57CA Sreeram Mushty, Chartered AccountBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
58Maruti & CompanyHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
59Mr. Shyam Lal GuptaMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
60Karnataka Iron and Steel Manuf. Assc. (KISMA)IRON & STEELNot Applicable
61NK Natural Foods Pvt. Ltd.REAL ESTATENot Applicable
62Mr. Awadh B SinghPETROLEUM & GASNot Applicable
63Intex TechnologiesINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYUnder Consideration
64 Mr. Naresh BansalREAL ESTATENot Applicable
65Dish TV India LimitedFILM & ENTERTAINMENTNot Applicable
66Mr. Anay ChokseyBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
67Mr. Tunuguntla Chandra SekharREAL ESTATENot Applicable
68M/s Moran Planatation Pvt. Ltd.REAL ESTATENot Applicable
69M/s Mili Marketing Pvt. Ltd.REAL ESTATENot Applicable
70M/s Parasramka Holding Pvt. Ltd.REAL ESTATENot Applicable
71Tavoy Apparels LimitedBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
72Nagole Auto Drivers Welfare AssociationMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
73Mr. Raj Kamal BhatiaREAL ESTATENot Applicable
74Global Tax Free TradersMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
75 Mr. Surinder SainiHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
76Suo Moto cartelization in conveyor beltMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
77Mr. Tom JosephIRON & STEELNot Applicable
78Pan India Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd.MISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
79M/s Himalya International Ltd.FOOD PROCESSINGNot Applicable
80Mr. Arun AnandagiriEDUCATIONUnder Consideration
81TATA Power Delhi Distribution LimitedELECTRICITYNot Applicable
83Mr. Rahul S Dudhe, Dr. Priyanka R Dudhe (Makode)HEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
84Chief Materials Manager, Rail Coach Factory, KapoorthalaRAILWAYSUnder Consideration
85Reliance AgencyHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
86Tristar Trading Pvt. Ltd.AUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
87M/s Shubham SanitarywaresMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
88Mr. Sharad Kumar JhunjhunwalaRAILWAYSNot Applicable
89Shri Wedkumar B KapoorBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
90Mr. Arvind Kumar SachdevREAL ESTATENot Applicable
91AnonymousREAL ESTATENot Applicable
92Mr. Jeetender GuptaAUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
93Bull MachinesMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
94Mr. MuraleedharanCEMENTUnder Consideration
95Ministry of Corporate Affairs on representation of All India Tyre Dealers FederationAUTOMOBILESUnder Consideration
96InsuranceHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
97HPCL TenderPETOLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
98ref by Delhi High Court Grammy Communications vs Emaar MGF Land LtdMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
99Ashutosh Bhardwaj vs DLF LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
100M/s Shri Revanasiddeshwar Automobiles (M/s SRA). Vs. Hero MotoCorp Ltd. and ors.AUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
101Sh. Avtar Singh.  Vs. M/s Ansal Township & Land Development Ltd. and ors.REAL ESTATENot Applicable
102Mr. Ashok R. Mansata, President Vs. State Bank of IndiaBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
103TDI Fun Republic Shop Owner Welfare Association. Vs. E-City Property Management & Services Pvt. Ltd. (EPMS). And ors.REAL ESTATENot Applicable
104Shri Vishal Gupta and GoogleINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYUnder Consideration
105M/s. NextTenders (India) Private Limited Vs. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and ors.MISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
106R & R Tech Mach Limited Vs. The Chief Executive Officerr, New Okhla Industrial Development Authority and ors.REAL ESTATENot Applicable
107Mr. Om Datt Sharma  Vs. Adidas AG and ors.MISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
108Mr. Dalip Singh Arshi. Vs. Aerens JAI Reality Pvt. LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
109Vidharbha Industries Association against MSEB Holding Company Ltd , Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Ltd, Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Ltd, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company LtdELECTRICTIYUnder Consideration
110Mr. Samundra Sain, Advocate Vs. M/s Hyundai Co. Ltd ors.AUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
111Mr. Budh Ram, Mahala Sarpanch. Vs. Mr. Ramgopal Jangid, Ex-SarpanchMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
112Shri Ram Education Trust Vs. The Chairman, the Shri Ram Schools.EDUATIONNot Applicable
113Mr. Ashish Ahuja. Ambitious Marketing Vs. Mr. Kunal Bahl, CEO. Portal name: TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
114Seaway Shipping & Logistics Ltd against Paradip Port Trust and Managing Committee of CFHSHIPPING & TRANSPORTUnder Consideration
115Vipul Shah against All India Fim Employees Confederation and otherFILM & ENTERTAINMENTUnder Consideration



Annexure -III

Annexure referred to Lok Sabha Un-starred Question No. 521 answered on 26.02.2016

Financial Year 2014-15
Sl. No.Name of CaseSectorPenalty Imposed (In Rs.)
1P K Krishnan Propietor of Vinayak Pharma against Alkem Laboratories LtdFILM & ENTERTAINMENT                     74,69,01,600
2Wing Commander ( Retd) Dr Biswanath Prasad Singh General Secretary Veterans Forum for Transparency against DGHS, MD of ECHS, Secretary General of Quality Council of India and NABH Hospitals and Small Healthcare HospitalsHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
3Smt Konika Mukherjee and Shri Bighnaraj Mishra against Himalaya Real Estate Pvt LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
4Smt Priti Kashyap and Shri Anurag Kashyap against Himalaya Real Estate Pvt LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
5Smt Saroj Sharma and Shri Gaurav Sharma against Himalaya Real Estate Pvt LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
6Shri Shyam Vir Singh against DLF Universal LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
7Shri Narendra Khandelwal against BPTP LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
8Dr P Raja , Partner P P Scans against Wipro GE Health Care Pvt  LtdHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
9Sunil Chowdhry against TDI Infrastructure LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
10Chief Materials Manager, Jaipur Milton Industries Ltd and othersRAILWAYSNot Applicable
11Telecommunication Users Group against United Telecoms Ltd and Bharat Broad Network LtdTELECOMMUNICATIONNot Applicable
12Sivakasi Master Printers Association against West Coast Paper Mills, Seshsayee Paper and Board Ltd, Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd, Ballarpur Industries Ltd, Andhra Paper Mills, Internation Paper APPM Ltd, JK Paper Mills Ltd, Balakrishna Paper Mills Ltd, ITC Bhadrachalam Paper Board LtdMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
13Malwa Industrial & Marketing Ferti Chem Cooperative Society Ltd against Registrar Cooperative Society, PunjabCHEMICAL & FERTILIZERNot Applicable
14Imperia Structures Ltd against Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
15against REC Power Distribution Company LtdELECTRICITYUnder Consideration
16Santosh Kumar Agrawal against Ultratech Cement LtdCEMENTNot Applicable
17Thriveni Earthmovers Pvt Ltd against NTPC LtdELECTRICITYNot Applicable
18FX Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd against Hyundai Motor India LtdAUTOMOBILESUnder Consideration
19Guru Jewels Pvt Ltd and Tushar Jewels Pvt Ltd againt MMTC, STC, PEC Ld, Handicraft & Handloom Exports Corporation of India, Nova Scotia,Kotak Mahindra Bank, Indusind Bank, Yes Bankm Axis Bank Ltd, PNB, SBI, UOI, Ministry of Commerce, RBI, DGFTMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
20Manoj Kumar Gupta and Abhilasha Gupta against HSIDCREAL ESTATENot Applicable
21Dilip Modwil against IRDABANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
22Deepak Kumar Jain against TDI Infrastructure LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
23Civil Society Common Law against Common Law Admission Test CommitteeMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
24K N Choudhary against Delhi Metro Rail Corporation LtdRAILWAYSNot Applicable
25Anila Gupta vs BEST UndertakingELECTRICITYNot Applicable
26Sanjay Kumar against Ford India and Harpreet MotorsAUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
27Ohm Value Services Ltd against Janta Land Promoters LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
28Albion Infotel against Google Inc and Google India Pvt LtdINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYUnder Consideration
29Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd againstCHEMICAL & FERTILIZERUnder Consideration
30Anil K Jain, Atul Maheshwari against Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development AuthorityREAL ESTATENot Applicable
31Isbai Zaibulla against Railway Board and othersRAILWAYSNot Applicable
32Prem Prakash against PWD Government of Madhya Pradesh, Director GeneralMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
33Kirat Singh vs Orchid Infrastructure Developers LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
34Vardhman Plus City Mall Traders Welfare association vs Vardhman Properties, DDA, MCD etcREAL ESTATENot Applicable
35Chief Material Manager Railways vs Daulat Ram Eng, Daulat Ram Inds, Amit Engineers,Fedders Lloyd, Intec, Lloyd Electric, Sidwal Refrigeration, Stesalit Ltd, Ess Kay EnggRAILWAYSUnder Consideration
36Som Distillers & Breweries Ltd vs SAB Miller India LtdCHEMICAL & FERTILIZERNot Applicable
37Ministry of Tourism vs Span CommunicationsMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
38Chief Material Manager Railways vs Faiveley Transport Rail Technologies , Knorr Bremse India,RAILWAYSNot Applicable
39Paul Antony IAS Chairman Cochin Port Trust vs Container Trailer Owners Coordination Committee and othersSHIPPING & TRANSPORTUnder Consideration
40Red Giant Movies vs Commercial Taxes and Registration Department Tamil NaduFILM & ENTERTAINMENTNot Applicable
41Nandan Kumar vs Association of Health Care Providers, Apollo Hospital & Yashoda HospitalBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
42Aanchal Khetarpal vs Jai Prakash Associates LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
43Cartelization – floated by Indian Railways in supply of Brushless DG Fans and other electrical itemsRAILWAYSUnder Consideration
44Om Prakash and Hans Raj Sharma vs MVL Ltd and LIC Housing Finance LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
45Subhankar Roy Chowdhuri vs Super Smelters LtdIRON & STEELNot Applicable
46Rajender Kumar GuptaMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
47Gitanjali Bagchi vs Bengal Ambuja Housing Development LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
48Jasper Infotech Pvt Ltd vs Kaff Appliances Pvt LtdINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYUnder Consideration
49Ohm Forex Services vs ICICI Bank LtdBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
50Saurabh Tripathy vs Great Eastern Energy Corporation LtdPETROLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
51Madhya Pradesh Chemist and Distributors Federation vs Madhya Pradesh Chemists & Druggist Assocation, Bhopal Chemist Association, District Gwalior Chemist Druggists Association, Apex Lab Pvt Ltd, Win Medicare Pvt Ltd, Fourrts India Ltd, Meyer Organics Ltd, Cipla Pharma. Ltd Eris Life Sciences & Mankind Pharma LtdHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
52Alis Medical Agency vs Federation of Gujarat State C & D Assn, Amdavad C & D Assn, Cipla, Galderma India, MB Enterprises, Lupin Ltd & S K BrothersHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
53Ramesh Mehta vs North Star Apartments Pvt LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
54Uday Sakharam Yadav vs Excise, Entertainment and Luxury Tax Department of Delhi, TCSCHEMICAL & FERTILIZERNot Applicable
55Umesh Choudhary vs CSC e Governnance Services India Ltd, LIC, SBI, IRCTC, Ministry of FinanceTELECOMMUNICATIONNot Applicable
56Gautam Dhawan vs Parsvnath Hessa Developers Pvt Ltd, Parsvnath Developers  LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
57Rajat Verma vs Haryana Public Works Department  etcMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
58Stockwell Pharma  vs Federation of Gujarat State C & D Assn, Surat C & D Assn , Intas, MB Enterprises, Unichem, Shah Uni, Lupin,  S K BrothersHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
59Apna Dawa Bazar vs Federation of Gujarat State C & D Assn, C & D Assn of Baorda, Alkem Labs, Aristo, J & J, Kanchan Pharma, Lupin Glaxo Smithkline, Unison etcHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
60Amit Mittal vs DLF Ltd, DLF New Gurgaon Home Developers Pvt LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
61Abhinandan Kumar vs MVL LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
62Mohan Dharamshi Madhvi vs Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Ltd & Hitesh R RavalMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
63Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply and Transport vs Tata Power Company LtdELECTRICITYNot Applicable
64Ankit Jain vs BPTPREAL ESTATENot Applicable
65Siddhartha Upadhyaya and M S Negi/ Devender Negi vs Sushil and Pranav Ansal, Ansal APIREAL ESTATENot Applicable
66Babit Singh Jamwal vs Paras Buildtech Pvt Ltd, Bharti Airtel LtdMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
67 Mohit Mangani vs Flipkart, Jasper, Xerion, Vector Ecommerce & AmazonMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
68Muthoot Mercantile Ltd vs SBI, SBT, Canara Bank, Federal Bank, IOB, South Indian Bank Ltd, Catholic Syrian Bank, IDBI Bank, Central Bank, Syndicate Bank, Vijaya Bank, DhanlaxmiBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
69St Anthony’s Cars vs Hyundai Motor India LtdAUTOMOBILESUnder Consideration
70Viday Sagar Realtors Pvt Ltd vs Bestech India Pvt Ltd & othersREAL ESTATENot Applicable
71Principal Secretary Government of Andhra Pradesh ( Industries and Commerce Department ) vs Cement Manufactures in Andhra PradeshCEMENTNot Applicable
72Cartelization by manufactures of 14.2 kg LPG cylinders floated by HPCLPETROLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
73Vijay Bishnoi, Chief Material Manager Western Railways vs Responsive Ind Ltd, RMG Polyvinyl India LtdRAILWAYSUnder Consideration
74Cartelization by manufactures of 14.2 kg LPG cylinders floated by BPCLPETROLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
75Vijay Kapoor vs DLF Universal LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
76ConfidentialMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
77Ravinder Kaur Sethi vs DLF Universal Ltd,REAL ESTATENot Applicable
78ConfidentialMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
79Bhasin Motors India Pvt Ltd vs Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt LtdAUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
80Ministry of HealthHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
81Bharat Garage vs Indian Oil Corportation Ltd & Mahanagar Gas LtdPETROLEUM & GASNot Applicable
82Cartelization by manufactures of 14.2 kg LPG cylinders fitted with SC valves floated by BPCLPETROLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
83Sunrise RWA vs DDAREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
84Yaseen Basha vs Ministry of RailwaysRAILWAYSNot Applicable
85Ramamurthy Rajagopal Partner Vidba Associaites vs SubwayMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
86Open Access Users Association vs Tata Power Distribution , BSES Rajdhani,  Punjab State Power Corporation, etcELECTRICITYNot Applicable
87Ravi Kant Gupta vs Ferozepur College of EngineeringMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
88CSS Forum vs CSC e Governance ServicesINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
89India Glycols Limited vs Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) and National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories LtdHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
90Brickwork Rating India Pvt Ltd vs CRISIL and S & P llcBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
91Sanjay Goel vs Greater Noida Industrial Authority and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development AuthorityREAL ESTATENot Applicable
92ConfidentialMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
93Dr Subhash Chandra Talwar vs DLF, HLF Enterprise and its subsidiariesREAL ESTATENot Applicable
94T G Vinayakumar vs Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes, Film Employees Federation of Kerela, etcFILM & ENTERTAINMENTUnder Consideration
95Mrs Naveen Kataria vs Jaypee Greens ( of Jaiprakash Associates Ltd )REAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
96Amitabh vs Kent RO SystemsMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
97Dominic Da’Silva vs Vatika GroupREAL ESTATENot Applicable
98Shrikant Shivram Kale vs Suzuki Motorcylce India Private LtdAUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
99Matha Timbers Pvt Ltd vs Tamil Nad Mercantile Bank LtdMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
100Jitendra M Malkan vs Godrej Properties Ltd & Shree Siddhi Infrabuildcon LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
101anti competitive practices prevailing in banking sectorBANKING & INSURANCEUnder Consideration
102Best IT World ( India ) Pvt Ltd vs Ericsson etcINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYUnder Consideration
103Cartelisation in Auto IndustryAUTOMOBILESUnder Consideration
104Lifestyle International Private LtdMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
105Fast Track Call Cab Private Ltd vs ANI Technologies Pvt LtdAUTOMOBILESUnder Consideration
106Brajesh Asthana , Arpita Engineering vs Uflex LtdMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
107Dharam Vir vs Jay Pee Green LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
108Shubham Srivastava vs HSIL LtdMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
109Nitn Radheyshyam Agarwal and Nikita Nitin Agarwal vs Bombay Dyeing, Credai,REAL ESTATENot Applicable
110Nitesh Forest Hills Apartment Owners Association vs Nitesh Estates LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
111Ashok Kumar Sharma vs Agni Devices Pvt LtdMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
112Sanjay Goel vs Greater Noida Industrial Authority and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development AuthorityREAL ESTATENot Applicable
113Ravinder Pal Singh vs BPTP and othersREAL ESTATENot Applicable
114 Mahadev Buildtech Pvt Ltd vs Hema Surgicals Pvt Ltd and othersMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
115Geeta Kapoor vs DLF Qutub Enclave Complex Educational CharitableREAL ESTATENot Applicable
116Dharmendra M Gada vs Bombay Dyeing and Mfg Co Ltd , CREDAI, etcREAL ESTATENot Applicable
117Deepak Panchamia / Bina Deepak Panchmania vs Bombay Dyeing Mfg Co Ltd , CREDAIREAL ESTATENot Applicable
118Ranbir Singh vs DIPR Punjab, DIPR TN, DIPR UP, DICA, West BengalTELECOMMUNICATIONNot Applicable
119 K Rajarajan vs Mahindra & Mahindra, Volkswagen, Tata Motors, Toyota Kirloskar, Renault, TAFE, Hero, General Motors, Honda Siel etcAUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
120Dhanvir Food Product vs Bank of BarodaBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
121Rooster Info Pvt Ltd vs Maruti Suzuki LtdAUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
122Cartelisation in airline industryCIVIL AVIATIONUnder Consideration
123Rambir Singh vs Puri Constructions Pvt LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
124K Sera Sera Digital Cinema Pvt Ltd vs NBC Media Services Distribution Ltd and UFO Movies and Real Image Media TechnologiesFILM & ENTERTAINMENTNot Applicable
125Dinesh Chand R Modi vs Bombay Dyeing & Mfg Co Ltd, CREDAI, Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industries – CREDAIREAL ESTATENot Applicable
126Rajesh Mayani and Sonal Mayani vs Bombay Dyeing & Mfg Co Ltd, CREDAI, Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industries – CREDAIREAL ESTATENot Applicable
127Malhar Traders Pvt Ltd vs Bombay Dyeing & Mfg Co Ltd, CREDAI, Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industries – CREDAIREAL ESTATENot Applicable
128Udit Gupta vs Interglobe Aviation Ltd & DGCASHIPPING & TRANSPORTNot Applicable



Annexure – IV

Annexure referred to Lok Sabha Un-starred Question No. 521 answered on 26.02.2016

Financial Year 2015-16 (Up to 23.02.2016)
Sl. No.Name of CaseSectorPenalty Imposed (In Rs.)
1Dheeraj Salian vs Digital Cinema Initiatives, Walt Disney Company, Fox Star Studios, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Paramount FilmsFILM & ENTERTAINMENTNot Applicable
2Dell India Private LtdINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
3Aayush Garg vs KDP Infrastructure Pvt LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
4P V Kalyana Sundaram vs TAM Media ResearchFILM & ENTERTAINMENTNot Applicable
5Hardev Singh vs SMV Agencies Pvt Ltd and othersREAL ESTATENot Applicable
6Western Coalfield Ltd vs SSV Coal Carriers Pvt Ltd and othersCOALUnder Consideration
7Dreams Aakruti vs Dreams GroupREAL ESTATENot Applicable
8Suman Distributor vs Saiful Islam Biswas c/o Danish Medical Store and othersHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
9Preetam Chabra vs Ansal Properties and Infrastructure LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
10Astha Power Corporation Ltd vs Reliance Gas Transport Infrastructure LtdPETROLEUM & GASNot Applicable
11Vijay Malhotra vs Milestone Capital Advisors LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
12Tejpal vs Milestone Capital Advisors LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
13Vikas Kumar Goel vs Standard Chartered Bank and Credit Information BureauBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
14Rahul Sharma vs Terra Group Alias Adinath Pvt LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
15Makkal Tholai Thodarbu Kuzhumam Ltd vs Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation LtdFILM & ENTERTAINMENTNot Applicable
16Mukesh Brothers vs Jaguar & CoMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
17Ess Cee Securtiies Pvt Ltd vs DLF Universal LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
18Cloudwalker Streaming Technologies Pvt Ltd vs Bennet Coleman & Co LtdMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
19Babita Roy vs Swadesh Developers and Colonizers, Bank of IndiaREAL ESTATENot Applicable
20Bharti Verma vs Global Information System Technology Pvt LtdINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
21Tarun Patel vs Rotary Hospital etcHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
22Nagrik Chetna Manch vs Fortified Security Solutions , Ecoman Enviro Solutions Pvt LtdMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
23Mohan Meakin Ltd vs GAIL India LtdPETROLEUM & GASNot Applicable
24Deepak Khandelwal vs Ireo Grace Realtech LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
25Shri Shabi Ahmad vs Ministry of Civil Aviation, Air India, Saudi Arabian Airlines, FlynasCIVIL AVIATIONNot Applicable
26Sudeep PM and others vs All Kerela Chemist & Druggists AssociationHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
27Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd vs GAIL ( India ) LtdPETROLEUM & GASNot Applicable
28Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd vs GAIL (India) LtdPETROLEUM & GASNot Applicable
29Sai Galvanizers & Fabricators Pvt Ltd vs KEC International & othersMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
30Sri Rama Agency vs Mondelez India Foods Pvt Ltd and Mondelez International IncFOOD PROCESSINGNot Applicable
31Turbo Aviation Pvt Ltd vs Bangalore International Airport Ltd and GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd and Airport Authority of IndiaCIVIL AVIATIONNot Applicable
32Nadie Jauhri vs Retail and Dispensing Chemists AssociationHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
33Nadie Jauhri vs Jalgaon District Medicine Dealers AssociationHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
34Vivek Chandra vs Jaiprakash Associates LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
35Shrishail Rana vs Symantec CorporationINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
36Arvind Sood vs Hyundai Motor India LtdAUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
37Graduate Association of Civil Engineers vs Principal Secretary Kerela State Secretariat. Chief Town Planner Kerela State. Chief Secretary KerelaMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
38 Arpit Batra vs HAFEDMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
39Navin K Trivedy vs M R Proview Real Tech Pvt LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
40Reliance Medical Agency vs Chemists and Druggist Association of BarodaCHEMICAL & FERTILIZERUnder Consideration
41Taj Pharmaceuticals vs Department of Sales Tax and Senior Inspector of PoliceMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
42Vijaya Pal Singh vs Universal Buidwell (P) LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
43Applesoft vs Chief Secretary, Secretary, Principal Secretary to Government of KarnatakaINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
44DB Power LtdCOALNot Applicable
45Tamil Nadu Power Producers Association Ltd vs Chettinad International Coal Terminal Pvt Ltd and Karmajar Port LtdCOALUnder Consideration
46Meru Travel Solutions Pvt Ltd vs ANI Technologies Pvt LtdSHIPPING & TRANSPORTUnder Consideration
47Gopala Krishna Nair vs Delhi International Airport Private LtdCIVIL AVIATIONNot Applicable
48 Bijay Poddar vs Coal India LtdCOALNot Applicable
49Vivek Sharma vs Becton Dickson India Pvt LtdHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
50Baby Nandini Garg vs Shikshantar School, Principal Secretary Government of Haryana ectEDUCATIONNot Applicable
51Kyal Agencies Pvt Ltd vs Utkal Chemists and Druggist Association, Bhubhaneshwar CDA, Puri CDA etcHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALNot Applicable
52V E Commercial Vehicles Ltd vs UPSRTCSHIPPING & TRANSPORTNot Applicable
53Meru Travel Solutions Pvt Ltd vs Uber India Pvt LtdSHIPPING & TRANSPORTNot Applicable
54Mega Cabs Pvt Ltd vs ANI Technologies Pvt LtdSHIPPING & TRANSPORTNot Applicable
55Taj Pharmaceuticals vs Facebook, Google etcINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
56Eena Sethi vs Sony India and GlitchTELECOMMUNICATIONNot Applicable
57All India Federation of Master Printers vs Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards and othersMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
58Vimal Singh Rajput vs Maruti Suzuki LtdAUTOMOBILESNot Applicable
59C Nandeesh H S Gayathri vs GE Countrywide Financial Services etcBANKING & INSURANCENot Applicable
60Dr. Sudheesh Goel vs Metropolis Health Care LtdMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
61Laxmikant Dhyani vs Omaxe LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
62Manas Enterprises vs Child Safety IndiaMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
63Raghavendra Singh vs Reliance Industries LtdPETROLEUM & GASNot Applicable
64Trend Electronics vs Hewlett Packard India Sales Pvt LtdINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYNot Applicable
65Lalit Babu and others vs DLF New Gurgaon Home Developers LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
66Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd vs GAIL (India) LtdPETROLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
67Nutan Barter Pvt Ltd vs Imperial Housing Ventures Pvt LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
68Meru Travel Solutions Pvt Ltd vs Uber India Systems Pvt LtdSHIPPING & TRANSPORTNot Applicable
69Southwest India Machine Trading Pvt LtdMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
70Yeshwath Shenoy vs Air India and othersCIVIL AVIATIONNot Applicable
71Paharpur 3P vs GAILPETROLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
72Vineet Arya vs Prestige Estate and othersREAL ESTATENot Applicable
73Jatin Kumar vs HUDA FaridabadREAL ESTATENot Applicable
74Belarani Bhattacharya vs Asian Paints LtdMISCELLENEOUSNot Applicable
75Department of Sports Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports vs Athelitics Federation of IndiaMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
76Raghubir Mertia vs Aura Real Estate Pvt LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
77Registrar Association of India vs NSDL, CDSL and SEBIBANKING & INSURANCEUnder Consideration
78Sanyogita Goyal vs Ansal Properties & Infrastructure LtdREAL ESTATENot Applicable
79Tamil Nadu Consumer Products Distributors Association vs Brittania Industries Ltd and Britannia Dairy Pvt LtdFOOD PROCESSINGUnder Consideration
80Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare ( Department of Agriculture vs Mahyco Monsanto Biotech ( India ) LtdTEXTILEUnder Consideration
81Nuzivedu Seeds Ltd & others vs Mahyco Monsanto Biotech India Ltd & othersTEXTILEUnder Consideration
82Air India Ltd vs Interglobe Aviation LtdCIVIL AVIATIONNot Applicable
83Rajeev Nohwar vs Lodha GroupREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
84Sarita Punia vs Tulip Housing Pvt LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
85GEA Ecoflex India Pvt Ltd vs Alfa Laval and Tranter India Pvt LtdRAILWAYSUnder Consideration
86M M Mittal vs Paliwal Developers Pvt LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
87PEC Usha Furniture vs Military Engineering Services Officials working under CE(Navy)MISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
88Anand Prakash Agarwal vs Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitrann Nigam, HERC & State of HaryanaELECTRICITYNot Applicable
89ConfidentialMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
90International Spirit and Wine Association of India vs Uttarakhan APMB Garwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd and Kumaon Mandal Vikas NigamMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
91All India Kissan Sabha vs Monsanto Inc , Hybrid Seeds Company Ltd, Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (India) LtdTEXTILEUnder Consideration
92Govt of Telangana vs Mahyco Monsanto Biotech  India Ltd , Monsanto Inc, Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co Ltd Monsanto Holdings Pvt LtdTEXTILEUnder Consideration
93Vishwambhar M Dolphode vs Vodafone India LtdMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
94Mukul Kumar and Kiran Govil vs ET Infra Developers Pvt Ltd and NOIDA Development AuthorityREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
95Anshoo and Amit Bansal vs ET Infra Developers Ltd and NOIDA Development AuthorityREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
96Prime Mag vs Wiley India and OthersMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
97Justickets vs Big Ticket Entertainment and othersFILM & ENTERTAINMENTUnder Consideration
98House of Diagnostics vs Esaote S p A and Easaote Asia Pacific Diagnostic Pvt LtdHEALTH & PHARMACEUTICALUnder Consideration
99National Seed Association of India vs Mahyco Monsanto Biotech India LtdTEXTILEUnder Consideration
100R S Malik, Hemant Rana vs Inder Singh & othersREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
101In Phase Power Technologies Private Ltd vs ABB India LtdMISCELLENEOUSUnder Consideration
102Vinay and Mina Kala vs DLF LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
103Yashpal Raghubir Mertia vs Aura Real EstateREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
104Gajinder Singh Kohli vs Genius Propbuild Pvt LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
105Rico Auto Industries Ltd vs GAILPETOLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
106Omax Autos Ltd vs GAILPETOLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
107Omax Autos Ltd vs GAILPETOLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
108Rico Auto Industries Ltd vs GAILPETOLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
109Rico Castings Ltd vs GAILPETOLEUM & GASUnder Consideration
110Vilakshan Kumar Yadav and others vs ANI Technologies LtdSHIPPING & TRANSPORTUnder Consideration
111Actuate Business Consulting Pvt Ltd vs Ambika Trading & Construction Co Pvt LtdREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
112CREDAI vs MagicbricksREAL ESTATEUnder Consideration
113Secretary to Government of Telangana, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Government of Telangana, Hyderabad.TEXTILEUnder Consideration

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