Circular No 28/2017 : Redemption of share or interest outside India : Indirect Transfer does not apply : CBDT

By | November 8, 2017
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

Circular No 28/2017

F. No. 500/1 0/201 7-FT&TR-lV
Government of lndia
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes

Dated, the 7th of November, 2017

Sub: Clarification on Indirect Transfer provisions in case of redemption of share or interest outside India under the lncome-tax Act. 1961

Under the provisions contained in section 9(1Xi) of the Income{ax Act, 1961 (‘Act’),
all income accruing or arising, whether directly or indirectly, through or from any business connection in India, or through or from any property in India, or through or from any asset or source of income in India or through the transfer of a capital asset situate in India, shall be deemed to accrue or arise in India. Explanations 5, 6 and 7 of section 9(1)(i) further define the scope of said provision.

2.Concerns have been expressed by investment funds, including private equity funds and venture capital funds, that on account of the extant indirect transfer provisions in the Act, non-resident investment funds investing in India, which are set up as multi-tier investment structures, suffer multiple taxation of the same income at the time of subsequent redemption or buyback. Such taxability arises firstly at the level of the fund in India on its short term capital gain/ business income and then at every upper level of investment in the fund chain on subsequent redemption or buyback. The Board has received representations to exclude investors above the level of the direct investor, who is already chargeable to tax
in India on such income, from the ambit of indirect transfer provisions of the Act.

3. Addressing such concerns in his Budget speech on lst February, 2017, the Finance
Minister had stated that Category | and Category ll Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPl) will be exempted from indirect transfer provisions. lt was also stated that a clarification will be issued that indirect transfer provisions shall not apply in case of redemption of shares or interests outside India as a result of or arising out of redemption or sale of investment in India which is chargeable to tax in India.

4. Vide Finance Act, 2017, Category I and Category ll FPIs have already been
exempted from indirect transfer provisions of the Act through insertion of proviso to Explanation 5 to section 9(1)(i) of the Act, with effect from 01.04.2015.

5. There could be situations in multi-tiered investment structures, where interest or
share held indirectly by a non-resident in an Investment Fund or a Venture Capital
Company or a Venture Capital Fund (hereinafter referred to as ‘specified funds’), is
redeemed in an upstream entity outside India in consequence of transfer of shares or securities held in India by the specified funds, the income of which have been subject to tax in India. In such cases, application of indirect transfer provisions on redemption of share or interest in the upstream entity may lead to multiple taxation of the same income. In respect of Category | and Category ll FPls though, such multiple taxation will not take place on account of the insertion of proviso to Explanation 5 to section 9(1Xi) of the Act, vide Finance Act, 2017

6. The matter.has been examined by the Board and it has been decided that the
provisions of section 9(1)(i) of the Act read with Explanation 5 thereof shall not apply in respect of income accruing or arising to a non-resident on account of redemption or buyback of its share or interest held indirectly (i.e. through upstream entities registered or incorporated outside lndia ) in the specified funds if such income accrues or arises from or in consequence of transfer of shares or securities held in India by the specified funds and such income is chargeable to tax in India. However, the above benefit shall be applicable only in those cases where the proceeds of redemption or buyback arising to the nonresident do not exceed the pro-rata share of the non-resident in the total consideration realized by the specified funds from the said transfer of shares or securities in lndia. lt is
further clarified that a non-resident investing directly in the specified funds shall continue to be taxed as per the extant provisions of the Act.

For the purposes of this Circular,
(i) “lnvestment fund” shall have the meaning assigned to it in clause (a) ol Explanation I to section 1 15UB of the Act.
(ii) “Venture capital company” and “venture capital fund” shall have the meanings
respectively assigned to them in Explanation to clause (23FB) of section 10 of the Act.

(Amrit Agrahari)
Under Secretary [FT&TR-lV(1 )]

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