Circular No 3/1/2018 IGST : Goods supplied from customs bonded warehouse : IGST Applicability

By | May 26, 2018
(Last Updated On: February 8, 2019)

Circular No 3/1/2018 IGST

Summary of Circular No 3/1/2018 IGST

Applicability of Integrated Goods and Services Tax (integrated tax) on goods supplied while being deposited in a customs bonded warehouse-reg via Circular No 3/1/2018 IGST Dated  25th May, 2018 . This circular rescinded by Circular No 04/01/2019 IGST dated 01.02.2019 : No GST on supply of warehoused goods before consumption

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F. No. CBEC/20/16/03/2017- GST
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs
GST Policy Wing

New Delhi, Dated the 25th May, 2018

The Principal Chief Commissioners/ Chief Commissioners/ Principal Commissioners/
Commissioners of Central Tax (All)/ The Principal Directors General/ Directors General (All)

Subject: Applicability of Integrated Goods and Services Tax (integrated tax) on goods
supplied while being deposited in a customs bonded warehouse-reg

Attention is invited to Circular No. 46/2017-Customs dated 24.11.2017 whereby the
applicability of integrated tax on goods transferred/sold while being deposited in a warehouse
(hereinafter referred to as the “warehoused goods”) was clarified.

2. Various references had been received by the Board on the captioned issue which has
now been re-examined by the Board.

3. It is seen that the “transfer/sale of goods while being deposited in a customs bonded
warehouse” is a common trade practice whereby the importer files an into-bond bill of entry
and stores the goods in a customs bonded warehouse and thereafter, supplies such goods to
another person who then files an ex-bond bill of entry for clearing the said goods from the
customs bonded warehouse for home consumption.

4. It may be noted that as per sub-section (2) of section 7 of the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the “IGST Act”), the supply of goods imported into the territory of India, till they cross the customs frontiers of India, is treated as  a supply of goods in the course of inter-State trade or commerce. Further, the proviso to subsection (1) of section 5 of the IGST Act provides that the integrated tax on goods imported into India would be levied and collected in accordance with the provisions of section 3 of the  Customs Tariff Act, 1975 (hereinafter referred to as the “CTA”). Thus, in case of supply of  the warehoused goods, the point of levy would be the point at which the duty is collected  under section 12 of the Customs Act, 1962 (hereinafter referred to as the “Customs Act”) which is at the time of clearance of such goods under section 68 of the Customs Act.

5. It may also be noted that sub-section (8A) has been inserted in section 3 of the CTA
vide section 102 of the Finance Act, 2018,with effect from 31st March, 2018,so as to provide
that the valuation for the purpose of levy of integrated tax on warehoused imported goods at
the time of clearance for home consumption would be either the transaction value or the
value as per sub-section (8) of section 3 of the CTA (i.e. valuation done at the time of filing
the into-bond bill of entry), whichever is higher.

6. It is therefore, clarified that integrated tax shall be levied and collected at the time of
final clearance of the warehoused goods for home consumption i.e., at the time of filing the
ex-bond bill of entry and the value addition accruing at each stage of supply shall form part
of the value on which the integrated tax would be payable at the time of clearance of the
warehoused goods for home consumption. In other words, the supply of goods before their
clearance from the warehouse would not be subject to the levy of integrated tax and the same  would be levied and collected only when the warehoused goods are cleared for home
consumption from the customs bonded warehouse.

7. This Circular would be applicable for supply of warehoused goods, while being
deposited in a customs bonded warehouse, on or after the 1st of April, 2018.

8. It is requested that suitable trade notices may be issued to publicize the contents of
this Circular.

9. Difficulty, if any, in implementation of the above instructions may please be brought
to the notice of the Board. Hindi version would follow.

(Upender Gupta)
Commissioner (GST)

Download Circular No 3/1/2018 IGST  : Click here

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Circular No 3/1/2018 IGST

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