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By | June 24, 2018
(Last Updated On: June 24, 2018)


SI No.Order/OM No.DateSubject
13.F.No.257/GIC Meetings/GSTC/201804-06-2018Constitution of Committee of Officers to conduct examination for enrolment as GST Practitioners
12.F.No.305/GoM-SugarCess/GSTC/201804-05-2018Group of Ministers(GoM) on Imposition of Cess on Sugar under GST
11.F.No.305/GoM-DigitalPayments/GSTC/201804-05-2018Group of Ministers(GoM) on Incentivizing Digital Payments in GST regime
10.F.No.60/Lottery-Comm-12/GSTC/201804-04-2018Committee on Lottery to study the issues relating to taxation of lottery in GST regine.
9.F.No.186/GoM-RCM/GSTC/201821-03-2018Group of Ministers(GoM) on Reverse Charge Mechanism(RCM)
8.F.No.21/Inv-Comm-11/GSTC/201815-01-2018Scheme to Incentivise taxpayers
7.F.No.259/Handicrafts Committee-9/GSTC/201720-11-2017Committee on Handicrafts to look into definitions of handicrafts goods in GST regime
6.F.No.260/Return Filing Committee-10/GSTC/201720-11-2017Committee on Return Filing to look into issues and requirement of filing returns by the tax payers in GST regime
5.F.No.212/Law Review Committee-8/GSTC/2017F.No.212/Law Review Committee-8/GSTC/2017F.No.212/OM-Law-Review-Committee-PM-3/GSTC/201702-11-201703-04-201831-05-2018Law Review Committee to look into changes in GST Laws, Rules and Procedures.Extension of tenure of ‘Law Review Committee’Partial Modification to list of Members and Permanent Invitees of the ‘Law Review Committee’
4.F.No.212/Law Review Committee-8/GSTC/201702-11-2017Advisory Group of Law Review Committee to look into changes in GST Laws, Rules and Procedures.
3.F. No.182/Committee-7/GoM/Restaurants/-GSTC/2017F.No.182/Committee-7/GoM/Restaurants/GSTC/201707-10-201710-10-2017Group of Ministers (GoM) to make the Composition Scheme more attractive and to revisit GST Tax Structure on Restaurants.Special Invitees in the GoM
2.F.No.157/Committee-6/Exports/GSTC/2017F.No.157/Committee-6/Exports/GSTC/2017F.No.157/Committee-6/Exports/GSTC/201712-09-201718-09-201721-09-2017Committee on Exports.Special Invitees in the Committee on ExportsSpecial Invitees in the Committee on Exports
1.F.No.25/Committees-1/GST Council—-AnnexureF.No.25/Committees-1/GST CouncilF.No.106/Committees-3/GSTC/201729-05-201714-07-201721-03-2018GST Implementation Committee, Standing Committees and Sectoral Groups for Smooth roll-out of GSTChanges to Standing Committees and Sectoral GroupsPartial modification to the Membership of the GST Implementation Committee(GIC)

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