Company Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss A/c -2017 Edition Book by CA. Kamal Garg

By | February 21, 2017
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COMPANY BALANCE SHEET AND PROFIT & LOSS ACCOUNT under Accounting Standards & Schedule III – 2017 Edition by CA. Kamal Garg 

Company Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss A/c -2017 Edition Book

You can buy this book for Rs 1607 . Click to buy this Book online. It has 1240 Pages. Publisher is Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd , 6th edition 2017

Contents of this book on Company Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss A/c


Accounts of Companies and
Board of Directors Report

Chapter 1        Books of Account, Statutory Registers and Records

Chapter 2        Financial Reporting

Chapter 3        Approval and Adoption of Accounts

Chapter 4        National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) and Accounting Standards

Chapter 5        Reopening of Accounts

Chapter 6        Voluntary Revision of Financial Statements or Board’s Report

Chapter 7        Sending Financial Statements to Members, etc. and Filing with ROC

Chapter 8        Mandatory Internal Audit

Chapter 9        Audit Committee


Corporate Social Responsibility

Chapter 10      Corporate Social Responsibility under Companies Act, 2013

Chapter 11      Companies to which CSR Obligations are Applicable

Chapter 12      Mandatory CSR Obligations

Chapter 13      Mandatory CSR Spends

Chapter 14      CSR Spends vis-a-vis Charitable and Political Contributions under Companies Act, 2013 and Income Tax Act, 1961

Chapter 15      Clarifications and FAQs on CSR issued by MCA

Chapter 16      FAQs issued by ICAI


Companies (Auditor’s Report) Order, 2016

Chapter 17      Companies (Auditor’s Report) Order, 2016 — A Ready Reckoner and Significant Specimen Reporting


Financial Reporting

Chapter 18      Schedule III under Companies Act, 2013 — An Analysis

Chapter 19      FAQs on Schedule III under Companies Act, 2013

Chapter 20      Schedule III under Companies Act, 2013 — Practice Update

Chapter 21      Ind AS Financials Format a comparison with AS Financials Format

Chapter 22      Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules, 2006

Chapter 23      Gist of Accounting Standards

Chapter 24      Fixed Assets

Chapter 25      Investments

Chapter 26      Current Assets, Loans and Advances

Chapter 27      Miscellaneous Expenditure

Chapter 28      Share Capital

Chapter 29      Reserves and Surplus

Chapter 30      Secured Loans, Unsecured Loans and Long Term Provisions

Chapter 31      Current Liabilities and Provisions

Chapter 32      Contingent Liabilities

Chapter 33      Profit and Loss Account

Chapter 34      Accounting Treatment for MAT Credit

Chapter 35      Expenditure Incurred During Construction Period

Chapter 36      Financial Instruments

Chapter 37      Accounting for Derivatives, Equity Index & Equity Stock Options

Chapter 38      Cash Flow Statement

Chapter 39      Construction Contracts

Chapter 40      Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

Chapter 41      Borrowing Costs

Chapter 42      Carbon Credits

Chapter 43      Segment Reporting

Chapter 44      Related Party Disclosures, Borrowings by Companies and Loans to Directors

Chapter 45      Lease Accounting

Chapter 46      Employee Benefits

Chapter 47      Consolidation of Accounts

Chapter 48      Accounting for Amalgamations

Chapter 49      Disclosures for Loans and Advances Pursuant to Clause 32 of the Listing Agreement

Chapter 50      Reporting under MSMED Act, 2006



Chapter 51      Depreciation under Companies Act, 2013

Chapter 52      Accounting Standard 10 (Revised): Property, Plant and Equipment

Chapter 53      Practical Illustrations on Depreciation Including Transitional Provisions

Chapter 54      Illustration on Revised AS 10: Property, Plant and Equipment

Chapter 55      Comparison of Schedule II (CA, 2013) with Schedule XIV (CA, 1956)


Checklists of Accounting Standards

Chapter 56      Checklists of Accounting Standards


Code of Ethics

Chapter 57      Code of Ethics

Appendix 1      Extracts from Balance Sheet of Infosys Limited

Appendix 2      Extracts from Balance Sheet of Reliance Industries Limited

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