Creation of Computer Terminal Banks in Income Tax Offices

By | April 29, 2017
(Last Updated On: April 29, 2017)

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S. S Rathore,IRS

F. No.ADG(S)-4/JDIT(S)-4-(2)/CTB/2017-18
Dated: 25.04.2017


Subject : Creation of Computer Terminal Banks in Income Tax Offices across the country for providing access to HRMS Module of ITBA-reg.

You may be aware that HRMS Module of ITBA has recently been launched For successful implementation of HRMS module, each employee of the department should have access through Intranet However, challenges like non availability of space to house those many computers, furniture and insufficient electric meter/ generator set capacities posed by ensuring access to each employee through Intranet were communicated by few CIT (Admin/TPS) Accordingly, proposal for creation of Terminal Computer banks in IT offices across the country for providing access to HRMS Module of ITBA has been approved by the competent Authorities with direction that all Group A and B officers should be provided with RSA Tokens

For expeditious creation of Computer Terminal Banks, you are requested to kindly ensure that [CIT (Admin & TPS)] carries out following exercise on top priority –

1) identification of offices where Computer Terminal Banks are to be created (creation of Computer Terminal Banks may not be required at every office (a) as employees having role in 1TD already have nodes, (b) number of Users is too small, (c) any other reason which may not warrant creation of separate Computer Terminal Banks)

ii) Working of requirement of number of computers and nodes to be provided in each Computer Terminal Banks based on User Strength & existing number of nodes & computer may be worked

ill) Sending of proposals on installation of nodes in Computer Terminal Banks at identified offices

iv) Procurement of computers at local level if budget allocated is sufficient to meet requirement

v) Sending of proposal for procurement of Computers to DG(Systems) for getting them approved from competent authorities for procurement at Pr CC1T level (Proposals for procurement are to be sent only if budget for the same is available with respective Pr CCsIT/HsOD)

It is requested that proposals for provision of nodes and proposals for procurement of Computers to be forwarded for approval of competent authorities may be sent as early as possible, preferably in a fortnight It is also requested that provision of RSA tokens to all the Group A and B officers by CIT (Admin & TPS) may also be ensured


(S. S. Rathore)
Pr. DG1T(Systems)

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