Customs Declaration CN 22 form : Download /print

By | July 19, 2018
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Customs Declaration CN 22 form

Customs Declaration CN 22 form

Customs Declaration CN 22 form : Download

Instructions for Customs Declaration CN 22 form

To accelerate customs clearance, you must complete all applicable fields, and fill in this form in English, French or
in a language accepted by the destination country. If the value of the contents is more than 300 SDR, you must
use a CN 23 form. You must give the sender’s full name and address on the front of the item.

For commercial items, it is recommended that you complete the fields marked with an asterisk (*), and attach an invoice to the outside, as it will assist Customs in processing the items

Select a reason for export. (“Gift” is not an acceptable reason for export for commercial items.)

(1) Give a detailed description (generic descriptions such as “clothes” are not acceptable), quantity and unit of
measure for each article, e.g. two men’s cotton shirts.

(2), (3) Give the weight and value with currency for each article, e.g. CHF for Swiss francs.
(4*) The HS tariff number (6 digits) is based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding
System developed by the World Customs Organization.
(5*) Country of origin means the country where the goods originated, e.g. were produced, manufactured
or assembled.
(6), (7) Give the total value and weight of the item. (8) Your signature and the date confirm your liability for
the item

Note. – It is recommended that designated operators indicate the equivalent of 300 SDR in their national currency

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Customs Declaration CN 22 form ,Download Customs Declaration CN 22 form

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