Date Extended to Choose GST Rates for Real Estate Project

By | May 10, 2019
(Last Updated On: May 10, 2019)

Option for residential real estate project to choose old GST rate or to avail new GST rate extended to 20.05.2019 from 10.05.2019

The date for exercising the option for residential real estate project to either stay at old GST rate (8% or 12% with ITC) or to avail new GST rate (1% or 5% without ITC) is being extended to 20.05.2019 from 10.05.2019.

The Notification to be issued soon.

The GST Council in the 34th meeting held on 19th March, 2019 at New Delhi decided the modalities of the transition of the lower GST rates on real estate projects.

The Council in its 33rd meeting had recommended for lower effective GST rate of 1% in case of affordable houses and 5% on construction of houses other than affordable house. 

An option was provided in case of ongoing projects whereby the promoters were to exercise one -time option to continue to pay tax at the old rates (effective rate of 8% or 12% with ITC) on ongoing projects (buildings where construction and actual booking have both started before 01.04.2019) which have not been completed by 31.03.2019.

The option was to be exercised once within a prescribed time frame and where the option is not exercised within the prescribed time limit, new rates shall apply.

Source : Tweet from GST Council on 09.05.2019

Refer : GST on Real Estate from 01.04.2019

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