Delhi Govt ordering tariff audit of discoms by CAG quashed by HC

By | October 31, 2015
(Last Updated On: October 31, 2015)

Direction of Delhi Govt ordering tariff audit of discoms by CAG quashed as the opportunity given to discoms to represent against the proposal for audit was not a “reasonable opportunity” within the meaning of section 20(3) of the CAG Act as the opportunity was given without disclosing the public interest in which audit of DISCOMS by CAG was deemed expedient and as the opportunity to represent was given before consultation with CAG and before the terms and conditions for audit were agreed between GNCTD and CAG


United Rwas Joint Action


Union of India


W.P.(C) NOS. 895 OF 2011, 529,539 & 559 OF 2014,
CM NOS. 1065, 6418, 1078, 6420, 1125, 6419, 2434,
3297, 4031, 2572, 2574, 2575 & 2577 OF 2014
AND LPA NOS. 125,140 & 141 OF 2014

OCTOBER  30, 2015

Dr. A.M. Singhvi, Vikas Singh, Dhruv Mehta, Sr. Advs. Amit Kapur, Anupam Varma, Nikhil Sharma, Rahul Kinra,Ameen Jauhar, Abhishek Puri, Sandeep Sethi, Ajit Warrier, Dushyant, Paresh B. Lal and Prashant Bhushan for the Petitioner. Dr. Rajeev Dhawan, Sr. Adv. Ms. Zubeda Begum, S. Wasim A. Qadri, Zaid Ali, Rahul Mehra, Tamim Qadri, Ms. Sana Ansari, Advs. Paras Kuhad, Sr. Adv. Gaurang Kanth, Ms. Biji Rajesh, Abhay Pratap Singh, Umang Joshi, Advs. Meet Malhotra, Sr. Adv. Ravi S.S. Chauhan, Pallak, Advs. Ms. Anjana Gosain and Pradeep Desodya, Advs. for the Respondent.


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