Direct Tax Ready Reckoner with Tax Planning 2018-19 : Bharat Publication 6th Edition 2018

By | April 18, 2018
(Last Updated On: April 19, 2018)

DIRECT TAXES READY RECKONER with Tax Planning 2018-19 Paperback – 2018

DIRECT TAXES READY RECKONER with Tax Planning 2018-19
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Chapter 1      Significant Amendments made by Finance Bill, 2018

Chapter 2      Guidelines for Online Submission

Chapter 3      Due Dates Calendar (Monthwise)

Chapter 4      Rates of Taxation

Chapter 5      Basic Concepts

Chapter 6      Tax Planning

Chapter 7      Exempt Income

Chapter 8      Taxation of Charity

Chapter 9      Salaries

Chapter 10    Income from House Property

Chapter 11    Profits and Gains of Business or Profession – PGBP

Chapter 12    Capital Gains

Chapter 13    Income from Other Sources

Chapter 14    Clubbing of Income

Chapter 15    Set off and Carry Forward of Losses

Chapter 16    Deductions and Rebates

Chapter 17    HUF, Firms, LLP, AOP and BOI

Chapter 18    Advance Tax and Self-assessment Tax

Chapter 19    TDS and TCS

Chapter 20    STT, CTT, DDT, MAT, AMT and CDT

Chapter 21    Amalgamation and Demerger

Chapter 22    NR, DTAA, Transfer Pricing, AAR and DRP

Chapter 23    Survey, Requisition, Search and Seizure

Chapter 24    Return of Income, PAN, TAN and AIR

Chapter 25    Assessment Procedure

Chapter 26    Post-Search Assessment

Chapter 27    Interest, Penalties and Prosecution

Chapter 28    Appeals, Rectification and Revision

Chapter 29    Collection, Stay of Demand and Recovery

Chapter 30    Refunds

Chapter 31    Settlement Commission

Chapter 32    Tax Audit

Chapter 33    ICDS – Income Computation and Disclosure Standards

Chapter 34    Equalisation Levy

Chapter 35    Tables

(1)    Rates of Gold and Silver

(2)    List of Bonus Shares Issued

(3)    List of Shares FV (Face Value) – Re-structured

(4)    List of Right Shares issued

(5)    Depreciation Rates as per Companies Act, 1956

(6)    Depreciation Rates as per Companies Act, 2013

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