E way Bill : Important Points

By | January 23, 2018
(Last Updated On: January 23, 2018)

E way Bill : Important Points

  • One Consignment : One Document : One E-waybill

Multiple documents can not be clubbed to generate one e-way bill

  • One Invoice  : Multiple Consignments with Multiple challans : Multiple E-way bills

In case of SKD(semi  Knocked Down) /CKD (Completely knocked down) /Ship consignments, one invoice will result in making   multiple consignment for movements with challans and resulting in multiple e-way bills

  • Multiple Documents  >< One E-way Bill – Not Possible
  • One e-way bill can not be generated with multiple documents
  • E-way bill can not be edited or amended .   It can be cancelled within 24 hours if required and generate new
  • Transportation (vehicle) details can be updated any number of times till the goods reaches the destination within validity period
  • Validity of the e-way bill starts from time of first entry of Part-B (vehicle details), not from the time of generation of e-way bill
  • E-way bill generated is invalid for movement of goods, if it is not updated with Part-B, if the travel distance is more than 10 KMs
  • Part-B updation is not must for first and last mile of travel, if the distance is less than 10 KMs
  • Consolidated E-way bill does not have any specific Validity. It depends upon the e-way bills attached to it.
  • For one e-way bill multiple modes of transportation can be updated – like First Ship, then air and road
  • Multiple e-way bills passing through transhipment from one place to another in different vehicles to reach the destinations

    Sometimes the consignments move to 8-10 branches of the transporter before they reach its destination.

    The consignments reach the particular branch of transporter from different places in different vehicles and again these consignments will be split to different places in different vehicles.

    Best solution for transhipment of consignment is generation of consolidated ewaybill from one place to another

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