Eligibility Norms for selection of Statutory Auditors in Public Banks from year 2016-17 and onwards

By | February 17, 2016
(Last Updated On: February 17, 2016)

Norms on eligibility, empanelment and selection of Statutory Central Auditors in Public Sector Banks from the year 2016-17 and onwards

Source : Reserve Bank of India

(i) The audit firm shall have a minimum of 7 full time chartered accountants, of which at least 5 should be full time partners exclusively associated* with the firm. Of these five full time exclusively associated* partners, one each should have minimum continuous association with the firm at least for 15 years and 10 years, two with a minimum continuous association of 5 years each and one with a minimum continuous association of one year. The remaining two could be either exclusively associated* partners or CA employees. There should be at least one year continuous association for both exclusive partners and CA employees. Four of the partners should be FCAs. Also, at least two of the partners should have minimum 15 and 10 years experience in practice. (In case the paid Chartered Accountant available with the firm without any break was admitted as a partner of the said firm at a future date, his association with the firm as a partner will be counted from the date of his joining the firm as a paid Chartered Accountant.)

* The definition of ‘exclusive association’ will be based on the following criteria:

(a) The full time partner should not be a partner in other firm/s

(b) He should not be employed full time / part time elsewhere

(c) He should not be practicing in his own name or engaged in practice otherwise or engaged in other activity which would be deemed to be in practice under Section 2(2) of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949

(d) The total compensation@ of the partner from the firm should not be below the following limit:

In case the Head office of the firms located in

(i)Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad
ACA partner₹ 1.80 lakh in a year (₹ 15000/- per month)
FCA partner₹ 3.00 lakh in a year (₹ 25000/- per month)
(ii)Other places
ACA partner₹ 1.20 lakh in a year (₹ 10000/- per month)
FCA partner₹ 1.80 lakh in a year (₹ 15000/- per month)

(e) A partner whose total compensation@ from the firm is less than the following will not be treated as exclusively associated with the firm:

Firms having more than 14 partners1%
Firms having 10 to 14 partners3%
Firms having 5 to 9 partners5%
Firms having less than 5 partners8%

@Total compensation =Sum total of share of profit, remuneration and interest on capital

(ii) The number of professional staff (excluding typists, stenographers, computer operators, secretary/ies and sub-ordinate staff etc.), consisting of audit and articled clerks with knowledge in book-keeping and accountancy and are engaged in outdoor audit should be 18.

(iii) The standing of the firm should be of at least 15 years which would be reckoned from the date of availability of one full time FCA continuously with the firm.

(iv) The firm should have minimum statutory central audit experience of 15 years of Public Sector Banks (before or after nationalisation) and/ or by way of statutory branch audit thereof or that of statutory audit experience of a private sector bank with deposits resources of not less than Rs.500 crore. (In case any of the partner of an audit firm is nominated / elected for a period of at least 3 years or more on the Board of any public sector bank then his / her such experience for a maximum period of three years will be considered as bank audit experience, provided such experience has not been earned by him/ her concurrently i.e. when his / her firm was assigned statutory audit of any PSB, select all India financial Institutions or RBI.)

(v) The firm should have statutory audit experience of 5 years of the Public Sector Undertakings (either Central or State Government undertaking).

(While calculating such experience, more than one assignment given to a firm during a particular year or more than one year’s statutory audit (audits in arrears) assigned to the firm will be reckoned, as one year experience only, for the purpose of counting such experience.)

(vi) At least two full time partners of the firm or its paid full time Chartered Accountants must possess CISA /ISA qualification.

(vii) In case of merger and demerger of firms, merger effect will be given after 2 years of merger while demerger will be effected immediately.


1. C&AG will empanel the Audit Firms based on the above parameters as on January 1 of the relevant year and send the panel to RBI.

2. If any audit firm empanelled by C&AG with the position as on January 1 undergoes change in its constitution after empanelment date, the audit firm will take all necessary steps to become eligible within a reasonable time and in any case, audit firm should be complying with above norms [Para 1 (i) to (vii)] on eligibility, empanelment and selection of Statutory Central Auditors in Public Sector Banks hosted on RBI web site before the following events:

  1. Appointment of the audit firms by the PSBs as SCAs. For this, the audit firm while giving consent to PSB for appointment may ensure that it complies with the norms.
  2. Before commencement of Annual Statutory Audit for Financial Year ending 31st March and till the completion of annual audit
  3. Quarterly Review of Accounts as on June 30, September 30 and December 31 every year till its completion.

In case any audit firm (after appointment) does not comply with any one of the norms (on account of resignation, death etc. of any of the partners, employees etc), it may promptly approach the PSB with full details. The PSB in turn may approach RBI

Source https://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=3123

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