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By | April 25, 2017
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(Last Updated On: April 27, 2017)

Introduction of real time system in EPFO Default management


(Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India)
Head Office
Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan, 14, Bhikaiii Cama Place, New Delhi – 110 066.

No.: CAIU/011(52)16/Principal employer Portal & CAW/722

Dated: 25th APR 2017


The Additional Central P.F. Commissioners (Zones)

The Regional P.F. Commissioners (Officers-in-charge), Regional Offices,

The Deputy Director (IS), CAIU.

Sub:  Introduction of real time system in EPFO Default management— regarding.


EPFO has introduced the ECR 2.0 for online collection of remittances through multi-banking. After introduction of the Unified Portal system for remittance of contributions, real time monitoring of the remittance position of the establishments has become a reality.

2. In consonance with the objective of the EPFO to act as facilitator for social security, it is required that the establishments/employers be guided and persuaded to make timely remittance, before initiating any further coercive action. This could require real time default management system in

3. The salient features and sequence of action in this regard are as follows —

(i) An SMS alert shall be sent by CAIU of IS Division on 16th/17th of every month to those employers who have made atleast one contribution during the last three months but failed to contribute during the month, informing the due date for payment and advising them to pay the EPF & other contributions to avoid damages and interest for late payment;

(ii) Thereafter an E-Mail communication shall be sent between 20th to 25th of every month to all those balance establishments who had remitted any contributions during the last three months but have not remitted any contribution during the month;

(iii) Simultaneously, the list of all such balance establishments who have failed to remit their contributions by the relevant month, shall be prepared and supplied to all the field offices in the protected view in MIS Portal.

4. It is instructed that all the officers-in-charge shall obtain the list of such establishments of their office who have not remitted their contributions for the month from MIS Portal and take necessary action with such establishments for ensuring compliance from such

5. It is further proposed to publish defaulting establishments in EPFO Website for public view. It needs data accuracy. Therefore, field offices incharge are requested to furnish their feedback regarding correctness of the lists supplied by 5th of succeeding month to enable the

(This issues with the approval of CPFC)

Yours faithfully,

(M. Narayanappa)

Addl. Central PF Commissioner (HQ)

Copy to: Director (OL), Head Office for issue of Hindi version.

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