Faceless Income Tax Assessment : Free study material

By | April 6, 2022
(Last Updated On: April 8, 2022)

Faceless Income Tax Assessment

Faceless Inquiry or Valuation Scheme 2022 Notified by CBDT

e-Assessment of Income Escaping Assessment Scheme 2022

Faceless Jurisdiction of Income tax Authorities Scheme 2022

New Faceless Assessment Procedure in Income Tax I CA Satbir Singh I Video 15.08.2020

Notification No 66/2020 : PCIT (Regional e-Assessment Centre) Jurisdiction

Notification No 65/2020 :  Regional e-Assessment Centres Jurisdictions

Notification No 64/2020 : National e-Assessment Centre to Perform Faceless Assessment

Notification No 63/2020 Jurisdiction of income tax authorities

Notification No 62 /2020 : Income tax Authorities Jurisdictions

Notification No. 61/2020 : Direction for Faceless Assessment u/s 143(3B)

Notification No 60/2020 : Procedure for Faceless assessment

All Income Tax Faceless Assessment Orders to be passed by National e­-Assessment Centre from 13.08.2020

E-Assessment for ITR Guidelines issued by CBDT Circular No 27/2019 Dated 26 sept 2019

Govt Directions for E Assessment under Income Tax : Notification 12th sep 2019

32 Additional FAQs on Income Tax Assessment Module of ITBA : Dated 17.12.2018

How to opt and Submit response for e-Proceeding on IncomeTaxIndiaEfiling

CBDT Instruction No 4/2018 : CBDT Guidelines for manual selection of Income Tax returns for scrutiny for FY 2018-19

CBDT Instruction No 3/2018 : CBDT mandates ‘e-proceeding’ in majority of cases during FY 2018-19 : 

Instruction No 01/2018 Dated 1202.2018 : CBDT : E Assessment

Do e Assessment in time barring scrutiny cases : CBDT clarify

Budget 2018-19 : New scheme for Income Tax assessment in electronic mode

10 Things to Know about Income Tax e-Assessments

CBDT asked report of Paperless / e- Assessment of Income tax Return

Migration from e-mail based communication to E-Proceeding : Format

Income Tax Notice u/s 142 in New Format

e Proceeding / e -Assessement under Income Tax -User Manual

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