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By | February 5, 2018
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Business Details Tab

1. Which details are pre filled in the Enrolment Application? Can I make changes in my Legal Name, State Name and PAN in the Enrolment Application?

Following details are auto-populated from the VAT database in the Enrolment Application:

  • PAN of the Business
  • Legal Name of Business
  • Name of the State

You cannot make changes to any of these fields as appearing in the Enrolment Application.

2. What is Legal Name of Business as per PAN?

Legal Name of Business as per PAN is the name which is available in CBDT database against the PAN of your business entity. In case of Proprietorship, name of the individual who is owner of the business entity is the legal name of the entity.

3. What is Legal Name of Business as per current Tax act?

Legal Name of business as per current Tax act is name on which you have been granted registration under the VAT / CST/ Entry Tax/ Luxury Tax/ Centre Excise/ Service Tax Act, etc.

4. My PAN has been changed. What I need to do now?

In case your PAN has been changed, you need to wait till the appointed date. You need to apply afresh and seek new registration. If you want to change the same now, please contact your local VAT office and get your information updated in the State database and get a request raised by VAT officer for new provisional ID and Token.  You will get new provisional ID and token.

5. What is Trade Name?

Trade name is the brand or business name in which you are doing business. However, it is optional.

6. What is Constitution of Business?

Constitution of business is the basic nature of your business, it may be Proprietary, Partnership, Company etc.

7. What should I write in the column related to Constitution of Business?

You need to select the correct Constitution of your business entity which is registered with the VAT department. In case, the constitution of your business entity is not appearing, select Others. You will get additional field to fill details for others. You can fill in the Constitution of Business details in that field.

8. What should I write in the Ward/Circle/Sector No. field?

If you are a VAT dealer, it is mentioned in your Registration Certificate. Select the jurisdiction as mentioned in your Registration Certificate. If it is not available, kindly check with your VAT Officer for the correct jurisdiction and fill it.

9. In the Enrolment Application, I need to fill the State Jurisdiction, Ward, Circle, Sector No. and Center Jurisdiction? How can I find these details?

Refer your VAT Registration Certificate to find your State Jurisdiction and Ward, Circle and Sector No.

If you are registered with Central Excise, refer the Registration Certificate to find your Centre Jurisdiction.

If you are only a VAT registered dealer, you need to find your Central Jurisdiction based on the address of your Principal place of Business. You may visit CBEC website www.cbec.gov.in for details.


(Refer URL- http://www.cbec.gov.in/resources//htdocs-cbec/deptt_offcr/cadre-restruct/cadre-restructg-notifications.pdf).

10. I do not have my Registration certificate as of now. What should I do?

Your jurisdiction is based on the location of your Principal place of business and the location from where you received your Provisional ID and Token. So, mention the office from where you are presently registered under VAT/ Central Excise/ Service Tax which ever is applicable. You should visit your VAT department website, if the details are given at the website. Links to the same are attached in footer of the website. If not able to find the same, please visit your VAT officer and obtain the details.

11. What are the existing registrations?

These are existing registration in the State for your business entity. In this you need to fill information pertaining to your existing registration information under the VAT, Central Sales Tax, Entry Tax Act, Entertainment Tax Act, Luxury Tax Act, Central Excise, Service Tax, Corporate Identification Number (CIN) etc. All the details are mentioned in the drop-down list. You can select, fill and save the details. Registrations within the State needs to be provided. Corporate Identification Number and LLP number should be provided in case you are company/ LLP whether Indian or Foreign.

12. What type of document I need to upload in case of business details?

In case of partnership you need to upload your partnership agreement. In case of any other Registration Certificate.

13. I am not able to upload my information in Business Details Tab?

Please check the size of the document.  If it is more than 1 MB try to reduce the size by reducing the resolution of the document and again upload the same. Also check that your file format should be in the PDF or JPEG.

14. What is profile percentage?

Profile percentage denotes how many columns you have filled.

15. What is DIN?

DIN stands for Director Identification Number given to Directors of a Company by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. To know your DIN, refer your DIN allotment letter issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs or visit the MCA Portal – www.mca.gov.in .

16. I filled all the details in the Business Details page while filling the form. But now all the fields are appearing blank. Why?

You need to save every tab page of the Enrolment Application after filling the details. Click the SAVE & CONTINUE button at the bottom of each page to save the entered details and then proceed further to the next page.

17. Which documents can be uploaded as valid Proof of Constitution of Business?

DocumentsFile Size FormatMaximum Allowable Size
  • In case of Partnership firm: Partnership Deed of Partnership Firm
  • In case of Others: Registration Certificate of the Business Entity

18. I am not able to upload the Proof of Constitution of Business document, what should I do?

Verify the file type and size of the document. The file type and size should be as per the mentioned guidelines.


DocumentsFile Size FormatMaximum Allowable Size
• In case of Partnership firm: Partnership Deed of Partnership Firm

• In case of Others: Registration Certificate of the Business Entity



1 MB


• Photograph of Authorized SignatoryJPEG100 KB


19. Do the Taxpayers need to enrol for all states in case of additional place of business in multiple States or only in one state where principal place of business is located?

Provisional ID is issued on the basis “State + PAN” combination.


If a taxpayer is registered under earlier law in different states, the taxpayer has been issued provisional id for each state (where it is registered).


In case of additional places of business located in multiple states and they have not been registered in earlier law, the taxpayer need to apply for registration afresh for those particular States under GST after the appointed date.

20. What should be entered in the commissionerate code field while completing the enrolment process of branch office? Can the Taxpayers use commissionerate code of head office?

For filling the Centre Jurisdiction field, Taxpayer has been provided with a reference/help link of the ACES website to guide him with the mapping of Commissionerate codes.


Commissionerate code is based on the address of the Principal Place of Business in that State. If the Head office is situated in any other state, then the Centre Jurisdiction will be based on the Address of the Place of Business for which registration is sought.

21. What detail should be filled in the principal place of business tab while doing enrolment of branch office?

The details of the Place of Business in the State for which Registration is being sought should be filled in the Principal Place of Business tab.

For example: Head Office is in Delhi. Branch Office is in Mumbai. If registration is being applied for the State of Maharashtra (Provisional ID is issued for Maharashtra), then Address of Mumbai office will be filled in Principal Place of Business.

22. During enrolment procedure, it is observed that if the Taxpayers are enroling for branch office then in business detail tab State of head office is auto-filled.

Kindly reconfirm the Provisional ID entered for enrolment. You might be entering wrong Provisional ID that is issued for some other state.

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