FAQs on ICSI New Syllabus

By | March 10, 2018
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FAQs on ICSI New Syllabus (2017)*

(* The answers to some of the questions are interlinked to each another. This document to be read in totality.)

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Q1. Why this New Syllabus?

A1. The only constant thing in the world is ‘change’ and it is insidious, i.e., be it political, economic, social, technological and legal environment. It is imperative that one needs to keep himself / herself updated with the latest developments in order to surmount the soaring professional challenges. The New Syllabus has taken utmost care to encompass the contemporary knowledge.

Q2. What is unique about the New Syllabus?

A10. While revising the syllabus, the expected profile of Company Secretaries was kept in view. Further, the innovative concept of Core Areas for Company Secretaries, Ancillary to Core- Areas allied to Core Areas and Hybrid- Combination of Core and Allied areas have been imbibed in the New Syllabus.

Q2. What is broadly covered in Core, Ancillary and Hybrid areas?
A2. Broadly, the following are covered under Core, Ancillary and Hybrid(a) Core Subjects –Subjects in which each member should possess expertise, i.e., Company Law, Securities Laws, Insolvency Law, FEMA and GST.

(b) Ancillary Subjects – Subjects in which working knowledge to support Core areas is required for proper understanding and application of Core areas, i.e., Accounts, Finance, Taxation, Economic, Business and Commercial Laws and Business and Financial Management.
(c) Hybrid Subjects – Subjects of expertise areas of work which require integrated application of several Core / Ancillary areas, i.e., Setting up of business, Governance, Risk and Compliance Management, Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances, Secretarial Audit and Due Diligence, Restructuring and Insolvency Resolution, Corporate funding, Corporate Disputes, etc.

Q3. What is the Scheme of the New Syllabus?
A3. The New Syllabus shall comprise of Eight papers at Executive Programme and Nine papers at Professional Programme including one Paper to be opted by the students out of eight elective papers namely, (i) Banking – Law & Practice; (ii) Insurance- Law & Practice; (iii) Intellectual Property Rights- Laws and Practices; (iv) Forensic Audit; v) Direct Tax Law & Practice; vi) Labour Laws & Practice; vii) Valuations & Business Modelling and viii)
Insolvency- Law and Practice.

Q4. What is so unique about the Scheme of the New Syllabus?
A4. Progressive’ paper-wise scheme of the New Syllabus in the Executive Programmes and Professional Program has been kept to enable the students to acquire step-by-step knowledge as they move on from one module to the next module in both the programs. The students will acquire basic and fundamental knowledge at the Executive Programme and advanced and expert knowledge at the Professional Programme level.

Q5. Can you give details pertaining to Scheme of Papers under New Syllabus?
A5. The Scheme of Papers for Executive and Professional Programmes under New Syllabus are as follows

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