FAQs on Promoter/ Partners Tab in GST Registration Application

By | February 5, 2018
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Promoter/ Partners Tab

1. I do not know my father’s name. My mother is single or I am an orphan whose name should I enter in Father/ Husband details tab?

In case you are citizen of India, you can mention Father’s name as reflected in PAN details. In case you are not a citizen of India, you can mention the details as per Passport.

2. One of my partners/ director is a transgender. What should I select in the gender tab?

You need to select “other” option for gender.

3. My partners/ directors are residing abroad. How can I enter their mobile number and landline number as the mobile number is prefixed with 91 before mobile.

Presently you need to enter only their India mobile numbers. However, you may enter your home country land line number.

4. What designation do I have to enter in the designation field?

This field is mandatory for all business  entities. The designation may be the designation assigned to the particular promoter or partner. For example  partner,  managing partner etc.  in partnership firm; Director, Managing director, Company secretary etc.  in Incorporated Companies; Trustee, Managing trustee  etc. in case of Trusts; Secretary, President  etc. in case of Societies etc.

5. What do I have to enter in the designation if I am a partner in a firm?

You may be a managing partner or a partner. You need to mention the legal status in your partnership firm.

6. What do I have to enter in the designation if I am a Proprietor in a firm?

You may enter owner as a designation if you are a proprietor.

7. Is PAN mandatory for all promoters or partners?

If the Promoter or Partner is an Indian Citizen, PAN is mandatory. However if the Promoter or Partner is a foreign national, he need not have PAN but Passport details is mandatory for them. In case such foreign nationals have obtained PAN, they need to furnish it.

8. Do I need to enter my passport number and Aadhaar number if I have them?

Yes If you have a passport and Aadhaar number you need to enter them. However, if you do not have them, you can still complete the enrolment process without entering them. Passport is mandatory only in case person is not a citizen of India.

9. Is DIN compulsory for all business entities?

No, the Director Identification Number (DIN)  provided by MCA is required to be filed only in case of companies and LLP.

10. I do not have a passport. Is passport mandatory?

If you are an Indian citizen, furnishing of passport details is not mandatory. However if you have a passport you are required to furnish the passport details.  For foreign residents furnishing of passport details is mandatory.

11. Do I need to enter Floor number and Name of Premise Building in the residential address section?

If your address has these elements you are required to fill them. However, these fields are not mandatory and you may skip them if your address does not require filling these fields.

12. I do not remember my pin code.  How can I find the pin code of my address?

Furnishing of Pin Code is mandatory. You can find by searching on the following India Post link https://www.indiapost.gov.in/VAS/pages/FindPincode.aspx

13. I am proprietor and also the primary authorised signatory. Do I need to upload proof of appointment of authorized signatory?

No in this combination, the upload field will be disabled and you need not upload any document.

14. I am unable to upload my photograph. What do I do now?

Please check the format and size of your file. Only JPEG file format is permitted for  uploading. If your file format is different please convert it into JPEG using any of software like MS photo viewer, adobe Photoshop etc.  Further the file size should be less than 100 KB. If it is more than  100 KB please crop the photograph or select a lower resolution photograph .

15. I am not able to upload a photo under the Partner/Promoter tab, what should I do?

Verify the file type and size of the photograph. The file type and size should be as per the mentioned guidelines.


DocumentsFile Size FormatMaximum Allowable Size
Photograph of Authorized SignatoryJPEG


100 KB


16. How can I add more than one Promoter/Partner details?

In the Enrolment Application, in the Authorized Signatory tab page, towards the bottom of the page, there is an Add New button. Click the button to enter more than one Promoter or Partner details.

17. I have 50 partners in the firm. How many partner details do we need to provide?

You are required to provide details of  10 partners if you have more than ten partners.  If the number of partners are ten or less than ten, you need to provide details of all the partners.

18. What is the difference between a Partner/Promoter and an Authorized Signatory?

There can be multiple partners or promoters but only a few out of them are appointed as authorized signatory who are authorized to sign invoices, file returns and represent the Company before various authorities. A person, who is not a partner or promoter can also be appointed as an Authorized Signatory.

19. I have mentioned partners as authorized signatories on the Authorized Signatory tab, do I need to again register them on the Partner tab?

In the Enrolment Application, under the Promoter/ Partners tab page, towards the bottom of the page, there is an I am an Authorized Signatory option. If a Partner or Promoter is an Authorized Signatory, check the option.

If there is an Authorized Signatory other than Promoter / Partners, then enter the details of the Authorized Signatory in the Authorized Signatory tab page.


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