Filing of Letter of Undertaking for Export of Goods or Services : FAQs

By | February 26, 2018
(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

Filing of Letter of Undertaking for Export of Goods or Services

1. Who has to furnish a Letter of Undertaking?

Any registered person availing the option to supply goods or services for export without payment of integrated tax has to furnish, prior to export, a bond or a Letter of Undertaking (LUT), binding himself to pay the tax due along with the interest in the event of failure to export the goods or services.

2. How to file LUT?

Access the GST portal and login using valid credentials. Navigate to Services and to User Services. Under User Services click on the link “Furnish Letter of Undertaking”.

3. What is to be filled in LUT?

GSTIN and Name (Legal Name) of the Taxpayer would get prefilled based on login. Taxpayer needs to select the financial for which LUT is being filed, enter the name, address and occupation of two witnesses. Taxpayer also needs to select all the points of self-declaration before submitting the LUT.

4. What if I have already furnished a LUT and also got approval for it?

If taxpayer has any LUT which he has already furnished and got approval for current Financial Year, then he can upload that LUT and file this application for furnishing LUT to seek the online approval for that previous LUT.

5. Is there any limitation regarding the upload of previous LUT?

Only one previous LUT document not exceeding 2 MB in size can be uploaded.

6. Can I save the application during the process of submission?

Taxpayer will have the facility to save the application at any stage for 15 days. Saved application can be retrieved from Dashboard > Services > User Services > My Saved Applications.

7. Can I preview the application?

Before signing and filing the application, taxpayer would have an option to Preview the application and save in PDF format.

8. Who has to sign the application?

Any of the Authorized Signatory needs to sign and file the verification with DSC/EVC

9. How would I know that the process of furnishing LUT has been completed?

After successful submission, system will generate ARN and acknowledgement. Taxpayer would be able to download the acknowledgement as PDF.

10. Can I view my submission after filing?

Taxpayer would be able to see his ARN under the Services > User Services > View My Submitted LUTs.


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