Final GST Payment Forms / Formats Approved by GST Council 18.05.2017

By | June 13, 2017
(Last Updated On: June 17, 2017)



Following are the Final GST Payment Forms as per the Final GST Payment of Tax Rules approved by GST Council 18.05.2017 .

Download Final GST Payment Forms / Formats

Sr NoForm NoTitle of the Form
1GST PMT 1Electronic Liability Register of registered person

(Part–I: Return related liabilities

Electronic Liability Register of taxable person

(Part–II: Other than return related liabilities)

2GST PMT 2Electronic Credit Ledger
3GST PMT 3Order for re-credit of the amount to cash or credit ledger on rejection of refund claim
4GST PMT 4Application for intimation of discrepancy in Electronic Credit Ledger/Cash Ledger/Liability Register
5GST PMT 5Electronic Cash Ledger
6GST PMT 6Challan For Deposit of Goods and Services Tax
7GST PMT 7Application for intimating discrepancy in making payment

Download all the GST Final Payment Formats in PDF

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