Financial Reporting Requirements and Auditor’s Responsibilities under Companies Act 2013 Book 2017 Edition

By | March 7, 2017
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Financial Reporting Requirements and Auditor’s Responsibilities under Companies Act 2013 – 2nd Edition by Deepa Agarwal

With the Companies Act, 2013 operationalised for more than 3 years, financial reporting is a significant area for the corporates, professionals and finance directors in India. The auditor’s responsibilities have become onerous and extended as compared to the erstwhile legislation.
This book focuses on key implementation issues with regard to financial reporting and audit requirements for companies, as per the revised provisions of the 2013 Act, together with the corresponding provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 in a user friendly manner.
All relevant rules, notifications, circulars, forms, issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs have been analysed and discussed under the relevant topics covered by the publication in a lucid style.
Key features:
• Section-wise analysis of Chapter IX – Accounts of Companies, Chapter X – Audit and Auditors, Loans and investments, Related party transactions and other related sections with implementation issues;
• Comparison of Companies Act, 2013 with the erstwhile Companies Act, 1956;
• Clause-wise commentary on CARO 2016 with Illustrative reporting;
• For ease of reference, relevant rules, notifications, circulars included in each chapter;
• Relevant announcements and clarifications issued by ICAI on Ind AS and IFRS discussed in detail along with the provisions of the 2013 Act;
• Reader friendly presentation of topics through diagrams, charts and examples;
• Detailed checklist on financial reporting provisions under the Companies Act, 2013;
• Relevant references of:
 Standing Committee report on Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2016;
 Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2016 with changes proposed in Chapter IX and X;
 New/revised Standards on Auditing applicable for audits of financial statements for periods beginning on or after 1 April 2017.

Financial Reporting Requirements and Auditor's Responsibilities under Companies Act 2013 - 2nd Edition

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Publisher: Bloomsbury India; Second edition (23 February 201

About the Author

Deepa Agarwal, B.Com, FCA with 13th Rank in all over India and 5th Rank in NIRC. She has almost 15 years of experience in serving national and multi-national companies in the areas of Auditing and Accounting, Corporate Laws and other related matters. She has completed Information Systems Audit (ISA) course from ICAI in Sept 2006 and Certified course on IFRS from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi in March 2011. She has worked with the Technical Directorate of ICAI for around 5 years and has assisted ICAI in various publications such as background material on AS 16, Technical guide on Accounting and Auditing issues in Chit fund, Technical guide on internal auditing in case of intangible assets. Currently, she has been working with renowned consultancy firms since almost 10 years. She has authored a publication titled ‘A complete Guide to Interim Financial Reporting’ released in January 2017. She has worked extensively on preparation of comments, guidance and presentations on Companies Bill and Companies Act, 2013. She acted as a faculty member for the ICAI course organised by Ind-AS IFRS Implementation Committee. She acted as a speaker in seminars on accounting, auditing and companies act matters at various forums. She has imparted trainings to chartered accountants on Accounting Standards, Ind AS, Auditing Standards and other updates. She regularly provides comments on various drafts on documents related to accounting, auditing and corporate laws issued by ICAI and MCA and worked extensively on issuance of interpretations, opinions and guidance on related matters.

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