Forms in GST assessment and audit

By | April 17, 2017
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

Forms in GST assessment and audit

The draft GST rule of Assessement and Audit under GST has notified by CBEC recently, the details of various forms in assessment and audits are hereunder:

Sl.NoParticularsName of the FormWho has to execute
1Provisional Assessment U/s 60(1)FORM GST ASMT-01Registered dealer (RD) electronically.
2 Notice of Proper Officer for appearanceFORM GST ASMT-02Proper officer
3Reply to above noticeFORM GST ASMT-03Registered dealer (RD)
4Order by Proper officer on provisional assessment and requirement of bondFORM GST ASMT-04Proper officer
5Execution of bond U/s 60 (2) along with security (BG)FORM GST ASMT-05Registered dealer (RD)
6 Calling for information and records for finalization of assessment U/s 60(3)FORM GST ASMT-06Proper officer
7Amount specified whether payable or refundable by the (RD) if anyFORM GST ASMT-07Proper officer
8Application for release of securityFORM GST ASMT-08Registered dealer (RD)
9Release security and issue Order within 7 days of receipt of above applicationFORM GST ASMT-09Proper officer
10Notice of Scrutiny U/s 61 in case of any discrepanciesFORM GST ASMT-10Proper officer
11Furnishing information against the noticeFORM GST ASMT-11Registered dealer (RD)
12Acceptance of informationFORM GST ASMT-12Proper officer
13Order of Assessment U/s 62(1)FORM GST ASMT-13Proper officer
14Notice to Unregistered dealer  U/s 63FORM GST ASMT-14Proper officer
15Order on assessment and its groundsFORM GST ASMT-15Proper officer
16Summary Assessment U/s 64(1)FORM GST ASMT-16Proper officer
17Application for withdrawal of S.AFORM GST ASMT-17Registered dealer (RD)
18Order of withdrawal or rejectionFORM GST ASMT-18Proper officer
19Notice of Audit U/s 65FORM GST ADT-01Proper officer
20Findings of audit to the RDFORM GST ADT-02Proper officer
21Direction for Special Audit U/s 66FORM GST ADT-03Proper officer
22On conclusions, Finding of Special audit to be informed to RDFORM GST ADT-04Proper office

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