FourV Technologies Pvt Ltd Bad Experience – Check Review

By | March 2, 2023
(Last Updated On: March 2, 2023)

FourV Technologies Pvt Ltd – Bad Experience – Check Review

Person from FourV Technologies Pvt Ltd approched one of the client and said that they will give 30 lead if the person pays Rs 30000/-

Email with bank account details was sent to client by person from FourV Technologies Pvt Ltd  from domain ending  ‘   [ Thus Company does not have it official email ending with its  domain FourV Technologies – be careful ]

However the person transferred Rs 10000 in August 2022 in the bank account of company to check if the company can give him 7 leads

But after transfer of the money , Company and its representative stopped picking up the phone.

Client have also filed police complaint againt the company and its representative

Therafter after 6 months of struggle,  a person approached  (saying to be the representative from legal department of company)  . Client had forwarded the payment proof to the company representative. but he  asked the client to provide tax invoice to prove that he had transfered the money to the company. This surprised the client.

Client said that no Tax invoice was given by company since it was advance payment and no service has been provided by the company.

Company representative told that you dont have proof , you yourself had transferred the amount to our account , why we should refund the amount to you ?

Client said that Company have not provided the services therefore amount should be refunded.

After lot of struggle (police complaint, emails, whatsapp talk and other painful procedure)  finaly the client  got the money refunded in March 2023 of Rs 10000 . No interest paid by the company for holding the money illegaly  for so many months.

Thus the expereience is very bad. Be careful in dealing with the comany. Deal with the company at your own risk.