Govt Action Plan to Stop Smoking Menace

By | April 26, 2016
(Last Updated On: April 26, 2016)

Action Plan to Stop Smoking Menace

A nationally representative study on smoking and death in India (published in 2008) found that smoking causes a large and growing number of premature deaths in the country. The study estimated that in 2010, the annual number of deaths from smoking in India would be around 10 lakhs.

The Government has taken measures including, inter alia, the following to curb smoking:

I. Enactment of the “Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, (COTPA) 2003”.

II. Ratification of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

III. Launch of the National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP) in the year 2007-08, with the objectives to (a) create awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption, (b) reduce the production and supply of tobacco products, (c) ensure effective implementation of the anti-tobacco laws and (d) help the people quit tobacco use through Tobacco Cessation Centres.

IV. Notification of rules to ban smoking in public places.

V. Notification of rules to regulate depiction of tobacco products or their use in films and TV programmes.

VI. Notification of rules on new pictorial health warnings on tobacco product packages.

VII. Launch of public awareness campaigns through a variety of media.

The Health Minister, Shri J P Nadda stated this in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha here today.

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