Govt allowed Filing of struck TRAN 1 & GSTR-3B due to techincal glitches

By | April 4, 2018
(Last Updated On: April 4, 2018)

Resolution of stuck TRAN-1  and Filing of GSTR-3B

1. A large number of taxpayers could not complete the process of TRAN-1 filing either at the stage of original or revised filing as they could not digitally authenticate the TRAN-1 s due to IT related glitches. As a result, a large number of such TRAN-1s are stuck in the system. GSTN shall identify such taxpayers who could not file TRAN-1 on the basis of electronic audit trail. It has been decided that all such taxpayers, who tried but were not able to complete TRAN-1 procedure (original or revised) of filing them on or before 27.12.2017 due to IT-glitch, shall be provided the facility to complete TRAN-1 filing. It is clarified that the last date for filing of TRAN 1 is not being extended in general and only these identified taxpayers shall be allowed to complete the process of filing TRAN-1.

2. The taxpayer shall not be allowed to amend the amount of credit in TRAN-1 during this process vis-à-vis the amount of credit which was recorded by the taxpayer in the TRAN-1, which could not be filed. If needed, GSTN may request field formations of Centre and State to collect additional document/ data etc. or verify the same to identify taxpayers who should be allowed this procedure.

4. The taxpayers shall complete the process of filing of TRAN 1 stuck due to IT glitches, as discussed above, by 30th April 2018 and the process of completing filing of GSTR 3B which could not be filed for such TRAN 1 shall be completed by 31st May 2018.

5. The decisions of the Hon’ble High Courts of Allahabad, Bombay etc., where no case specific decision has been taken, may be implemented in-line with the procedure prescribed above, subject to fulfilment of the conditions prescribed therein. Where these conditions are not satisfied, Hon’ble Courts may be suitably informed and if needed review or appeal may be filed.

Source- Circular No. 39/13/2018-GST Dated: 3rd April, 2018

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