GST Classification : Free Study Material

By | May 30, 2018
(Last Updated On: August 25, 2021)

GST Classification : Free Study Material

Here is the free Study Material on Classification under GST

Free Study Material on Classification under GST

Services Accounting Code (SAC) Under GST

HSN Code under GST : Free Study Material

Explanatory Notes to Scheme of Classification of Services under GST :Issued by CBIC 

Circular No 20/20/2017 IGST : Classification and GST rate on Terracotta idols

Classification and GST rate for stick file of plastic, documents bag of plastic and certificate bag of plastic?

classification of two wheelers chain and applicable GST rate ?

HSN Classification of calcareous building stone for GST

What is the classification and GST rate for man-made fishnet twine?

GST Chapter Classification of woven fabrics / curtain ; upholstery fabrics

Judgments on Classification under GST

Railway parts such as Brush Holder Assembly parts etc to be classified under heading 86.07 : AAR

Carry bags/re-usable shopping bags made of cotton falls under HSN 4202 : AAR

GST Classification of ElectroInk supplied with consumables : Maharashtra AAR clarify

Building and mounting of body on Bus chassis is supply of Services under GST : Goa AAR

Fabrication & fitting of bus bodies on chassis supplied by client is not Job work : HARYANA AAR

GST Rates on Brake Pad and Auto Parts Clarified by HARYANA AAR

Dried tobacco leaves are not ‘Tobacco leaves ‘ (GST Rate 5%) but are unmanufactured Tobacco (, GST at 28% ) :NEW DELHI AAR

Ice cream making machine is Refrigerators (28% GST)  and not machinery for manufacture of food (18% GST) : GUJARAT AAR

5% GST on Carry bags made of non-woven fabrics : KERALA AAR

No 12% GST on Pumps for sewage or waste : GUJARAT AAR

Electrically operated musical instrument  classifiable under Heading 9208, GST Rate 9% :GUJARAT AAR

GST Rates on Lightning Arrester, Earthing Pipe , Solid Rod Earthing , Back Fill Compound  and :  installation of Earthing System : AAR Clarify

5% GST on products used in fishing/floating vessels : KERALA AAR

Supply of Printed advertisement materials is goods not service, GST Rate 12% : TELANGANA AAR

Electric Motors (GST Rate 18%)  assembled with Gear Boxes (GST Rate 28%)  and made new product ‘ Geared Motor ‘, Pay 18% GST  : GUJARAT AAR

No GST on Storage of Agriculture Produce by Traders since it falls in SAC 9986 : ANDHRA PRADESH AAR

5% GST on Bulk drugs also if specified in List 1 of Schedule 1: ANDHRA PRADESH AAR

18 %GST on Hydraulic valve used as intermediate parts in agricultural harvesting machine : GUJARAT AAR

Agricultural Soil testing instruments not exempt, GST @ 18% : TELANGANA AAR

Roof ventilators powered by wind are not windmill, GST @ 18% : AAR

Activity of printing by photo lab is supply of goods or service under GST : AAR Clarified

GST Classification Issue / Rate of Tax : High court can not entertain Appeal : HC Judgment – Tax Heal

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