GST Decoded – More Then 2100 Faqs- May 2017 Book- MONISH BHALLA

By | May 21, 2017
(Last Updated On: May 21, 2017)

GST Decoded A Complex Law Made Simple All You Wanted To Know About GST ( More Then 2100 Faqs ) by MONISH BHALLA (Author)

With the enactment of four crucial goods and services tax acts and more than a dozen rules, GST has become a reality. The GST law is far from simple. The fine print needs to be decoded. Implementation of any new law, brings with it a sea of queries, doubts, confusions, from trade and infustry including a common man. The purpose of bringing out this book is to decode the GST law and present it to the reader is the simplest language, jargon free so that the doubts and questions in the minds of the trade, industry, trx professionals, CA, CS, legal experts, corporate and busenessmen stand clarified, answered and resolved. For ease of reading, this book is divided into 4 parts. The fundamental rudiments, the compliance & Procedure, The Legal concepts and separate portion for IGST & UTGST. Each part has its own importance; however, a reader can start from any part or chapter as per his needs. The book touches upon all important features of GST including scope of supply; Composite supply and mixed supply; Time and value of supply; input tax credit; Registration; Tax at source; Collection of tax at source; assessment; refunds; audit; inspection, search, seizure and arrest; demands and recovery; liability to pay in certain cases; advance ruling; appeals and revision; presumption as to documents; offences and penalties; job work; electronic commerce in a QA form and thus it makes it an interesting and a must read for all tax professionals, CA, CS, Legal Experts, Corporates and Businessmen, politicians, as well as all other non-tax readers.

GST Decoded A Complex Law Made Simple All You Wanted To Know About GST

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