GST Master Guide and Practice Companion 2019 Book by Tax Publisher

By | June 14, 2019
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updated with all Notifications, orders , circulars etc issued till 10.04.2019


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  • Publisher: TAX PUBLISHERS; YEAR 2019 EDITION edition (2019)
  • Various books on GST have already been published, however, practically all of them relate to one or two requirements of the GST practitioner. The present GST Master Guide is quite different in the sense that it intends to cover practically the entire needs of the readers. It is compilation of a sort which the user would be required to keep within reach for being consulted much more often than perhaps any other title. The spectrum of coverage can be appreciated by having a look at the following Eight Parts of the book.

    Part I:GST Ready Referencer
    Part II:Specific Charts and Tables
    Part III:GST Law Guide
    Part IV:GST Procedures Guide
    Part V:GST Notifications
    Part VI:GST Circulars
    Part VII:GST Orders
    Part VIII:Advance Rulings

    Part I of the Book provides a ready referencer to some important general procedures in the form of some practice oriented Charts and Tables.

    Part II, titled Specific Charts and Tables, contains presentation in Tabular Form of some specially important aspects of the GST law i.e., mandatory requirement of registration, meaning of supply, activities regarded as supply of services, activities regarded as supply of goods, determination of place of supply in respect of goods as well as services.

    Part III of the Book titled, GST Law Guide, provides an overview of substantive provisions of the GST law in its various chapters. The text of each chapter is presented in the form of Questions and Answers format for the sake of better appreciation of various issues discussed therein. The text stands updated as per the Notifications, Circulars and Orders issued till 29th March, 2019.

    Part IV of the Book titled, GST Procedural Guide provides a unique, practical and step-by-step guide in respect of all procedural aspects contained under the GST regime, like, Registration, Payment of Tax, Taking of Input tax Credit, Furnishing of Returns, Refund of GST, E-way Bill, Appeal and Advance Ruling, etc. This part is written with a view to providing the readers a practical approach for complying with the procedural requirements contained under the GST law. This part is likely to be more frequently used by the readers, we believe.

    Part V of the Book reproduces all CGST, IGST and Compensation Cess Notifications issued from 1-7-2018 to date, in Serial Numberwise arrangement. Both, Rate Notifications and Non-Rate Notifications are reproduced in separate Chapters for convenience. This is the only source for finding all the Notifications numberwise issued upto 29th March 2019 in print.

    Part VI of the Book contains reproduction of CGST and IGST Circulars issued till date.

    Part VII of the Book contains Orders issued in the context of GST.

    Part VIII of the Book provides digests of 321 important Advance Rulings pronounced by the Authority for Advance Rulings on various questions raised by the applicants. The full texts of the Advance Rulings are provided on our supporting web-site. These advance rulings would serve as a guiding resource on the important issues as having recently arisen after the GST regime having came into force w.e.f. 1-7-2017.

    In sum this Book practically presents the entire spectrum of GST law in thoughtfully devised Chapters. Contentwise it comprises almost everything of interest, besides conforming to the highest standards of accuracy, authenticity and thoroughness. It deals at length with totality of the legal and procedural aspects pertaining to the GST law, at a competitive price.

    Notwithstanding the best of care, likelihood of certain short-comings creeping into cannot be ruled out. We solicit creative feedback from our learned readers bringing to our notice any mistakes, errors, omissions or discrepancies, as and when noticed.

    13 April, 2019CA. SATYADEV PUROHIT


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