GST on Prepaid Instruments or Gift Vouchers by Jeweller : Tamil Nadu AAR

By | March 14, 2020
(Last Updated On: March 14, 2020)

Tamil Nadu Authority of Advance Ruling

M/s. Kalyan Jewellers India Limited

1. Whether the issue of own closed PPIs by the ‘Applicant’ to their customers be treated as supply of goods or supply of service
2. If yes, is the time of issue of PPI’s by the Applicant to their Customers is the time of supply of goods or services warranting tax liability
3.If yes, what is the applicable rate of tax for such supply of goods or services?”
4.If yes, Whether the issue of PPIs by the Third party PPI Issuers subject to GST at the time of issue in their hands?
5. Whether the amount received by the Applicant from Third Party PPI Issuers subject to GST?
6. If No, GST collection at the  time of sale of goods or services on redemption of PPIs i.e., own and from Third Party will be a sufficient compliance of the provisions of the Act?
7. The treatment of discount (the difference between Face value and Discounted Value)  in the hands of issuer of PPI in case of third party PPIs? Whether the applicant will be liable to pay GST on this difference Value?

TN/52/AAR/2019 DATED 25.11.2019

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