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By | August 9, 2020
(Last Updated On: August 9, 2020)

Recent Enhancement made and Defects Fixed on GST Portal

1. For Tax Payer  Registration:

Submission of non-core amendment application, without a zip code, in case the authorized signatory who is not an Indian, will not be allowed on GST Portal.

The message – “Please file all the pending returns till before submission of application for revocation of cancelation”, displayed to a taxpayer, while filing revocation of cancellation application against suo moto cancellation, has been changed to – “Please file all the pending returns till   before submission of application for revocation of cancelation”.

If SCN was issued to a person applying for Registration, on the ground of document submitted in support of principle place of business, in such cases taxpayers were not able to submit the reply and when they were trying to upload new document on principle place of business tab and were trying to save and continue, system error was occurring.The issue is fixed, they will now be able to proceed and submit the application.

GSTP core amendment application were getting deemed approved, if due date had passed. Now deemed approval has been disabled for such applications.

2. Composition:

If a taxpayer had Form CMP-04 (withdrawal from Composition) in saved stage and then they change their email/mobile through non-core amendment, they will now in such cases receive OTP on updated mobile no./email.

Now, taxpayer will be able to file Form CMP 02 (Opting for Composition), again, if previous application is Rejected by Tax official, for the same Financial Year.

While searching for a Composition Taxpayer from Opt-in/Opt out field, whether at pre login and post login stage, system will now display the output as per selection.


3. Portal Capacity:

GST Portal capacity has been increased to 3 Lakh users from 1.5 Lakh users.


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