GST Practice Manual 2021 for professionals by Taxmann

By | September 22, 2021
(Last Updated On: September 22, 2021)

Taxmann GST Practice Manual – Comprehensive Guide in understanding the Background, Concepts, Execution, Challenges, and Solution(s) involved in your ‘day-to-day’ compliance of GST

Taxmann GST Practice Manual is July 2021 edition by Aditya Singhania  (Author)

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Taxmann GST Practice Manual 2021

Contents of Taxmann GST Practice Manual

GST Practice Manual is a comprehensive guide in understanding the ‘background’, ‘concepts’, ‘execution’, ‘challenges’, and ‘solution(s)’ involved in your ‘day-to-day’ compliance of GST. It explains the provisions of the GST law in a lucid manner.
This book will be helpful for GST Professionals engaged in managing the client’s day to day GST related affairs, i.e., advisory, compliance and litigation services.The Present Publication is the 5th Edition, authored by Aditya Singhania, updated till 22nd June 2021, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Topic-Wise Explanation] incorporating related Notifications and Circulars
  • [Stepwise Guide] for GST Compliances
  • [Practical Issues] with Solutions
  • [Tabular Format] of GST Case Laws (including Advance Rulings)
  • [Ready Referencer] of Sections, Rules, and Forms
  • [Comprehensive Coverage] through Detailed Analysis and Relevant Illustrations
  • [GST Common Portal] Content Synchronized with the current features available at GST common portal
  • [Quick Referencer] to get a Birds Eye View of the entire GST Law and its Execution
  • Taxmann’s series of Bestseller Books on GST Compliances
  • Follows the six-sigma approach to achieve the benchmark of ‘zero error’

The contents of the book are as follows:

  • Levy & Exemptions
    o Levy & Collection of Tax
    o Reverse Charge
    o Exemptions from GST on Goods
    o Exemptions from GST on Services
    o Definitions
  • Time/Place of Supply & Valuation
    o Time of Supply
    o Place of Supply
    o Valuation
  • Accounting in GST
    o Invoicing
    o Accounts & Records
    o E-Way Bill
    o Job-Work
  • Registration
    o Basics of Registration
    o Compulsory Registration
    o Person not Liable to take Registration & Voluntary Registration
    o General Procedure of Registration
    o Amendment of Registration
    o Cancellation or Suspension of Registration
    o Revocation of Registration
  • Specified Taxable Person
    o Non-Resident Taxable Person
    o OIDAR
    o Unique Identification Number (UIN)
  • Composition Scheme
    o Basics of Composition Scheme
    o Compliances under Composition Scheme
    o Withdrawl from Composition Scheme
    o Returns under Composition Scheme
  • Input Tax Credit (including ISD)
    o Eligibility of Input Tax Credit
    o Apportionment of Input Tax Credit
    o Availability of ITC in certain circumstances
    o ITC for Job Worker
    o Compliance for Input Service Distributor
    o Returns for an Input Service Distributor
  • Returns
    o Introduction to GST Returns
    o GSTR 1
    o GSTR 2, 2A and 2B
    o GSTR 3
    o GSTR 3B
    o Matching Concept
    o Proposed new GST Return
    o Annual Return for Normal Taxpayer
    o Annual Return for Composition Taxpayer
    o Final Return
  • Audit
    o Departmental Audit
    o GST Audit
  • TDS & TCS
    o Tax Deducted at Source
    o Tax Collection at Source
  • Payment
    o Basics of Payment
    o Treatment of Input Tax Credit for Payment
    o Treatment of Electronic Cash/Credit Ledger
    o Treatment of Electronic Liability Ledger
    o Miscellaneous on Payments
  • Refunds
    o Basics of Refunds
    o Refund Procedures
  • Assessment
    o Self & Provisional Assessment
    o Scrutiny of Returns
    o Assessment of Non-Filers of Returns
    o Assessment of Unregistered Persons
    o Summary Assessment
    o Finalization of Provisional Assessments, Appeal
  • Search and Seizure
    o Inspection, Search and Seizure
    o Arrest
  • Advance Rulings
    o Basics of Advance Ruling
    o Application and Compliances for Advance Rulings
    o Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling
  • Demand & Recovery
    o Administration in GST
    o Demand
    o Recovery
  • Appeals
    o Appeals to Appellate Authority
    o Appeals to Appellate Tribunal
    o Appeals to High Courts & Supreme Court
    o Miscellaneous on Appeals
  • Offences
    o Penalty
    o Detention, Seizure and Release of Goods and Conveyances in Transit
    o Confiscation of Goods or Conveyances
    o Miscellaneous Topics under Offences
    o Compounding of Offences
  • Miscellaneous
    o Corporate Debtor under IBC, 2016
    o Liability to Pay in Certain Cases
    o Repeal and Saving

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