Various GST Returns Due Dates : Notification wise, Month wise & Form wise

By | December 13, 2018
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Various GST Returns Due Dates

[ Notification wise, Month wise & Form wise ]

we have compiled various GST Returns Due Dates [ Notification wise, Month wise & Form wise ] . We will update this page regularly. Please Add this page as Bookmark in your Internet Browser for future reference.

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Form NoParticularsReferenceDue Date (Click)
GSTR 3BIf Due date of GSTR 1 (outward Supply details) and GSTR 2 (Inward Supply details ) extendedRule 61(5) of CGST Rules 2017 GSTR 3B due Date
GSTR 1Details of outward supplies of goods or servicesRule 59(1) of CGST Rules 2017GSTR 1 Due Date
GSTR 2Details of inward supplies of goods or servicesRule 60(1) of CGST Rules 2017GSTR 2 Due Date
GSTR 3Monthly returnRule 61(1) of CGST Rules 2017GSTR 3 Due Date
GSTR 4Quarterly return for registered person opting for composition levyRule 62 of CGST Rules 2017GSTR 4 Due Date
GSTR 5Return for Non-resident taxable personRule 63 of CGST Rules 2017GSTR 5 Due Date
GSTR 5ADetails of supplies of online information and database access or retrieval services by a person located outside India made to non-taxable persons in IndiaRule 64 of CGST Rules 2017GSTR 5A Due Date
GSTR 6Return for input service distributorRule 65 of CGST Rules 2017GSTR 6 Due Date
GSTR 7Return for Tax Deducted at SourceRule 66(1) of CGST Rules 2017GSTR 7 Due Dates
GSTR 8Statement for tax collection at sourceRule 67(1) of CGST Rules 2017GSTR 8 Due Dates


Annual ReturnSection 44(1) CGST Act 2017 and

Rule 80(1) of CGST Rules

GSTR 9 Due Date


Annual Return for Composition Scheme TaxpayersSection 44(1) CGST Act 2017 and

Rule 80(1) of CGST Rules

GSTR 9A Due Date


GST AuditSection 44(2) CGST Act 2017 and Rule 80(3) of CGST RulesGST Audit Due Date
GSTR 10 Final ReturnRule 81 CGST Rules 2017GSTR 10 Due Date
 GST ITC 1Declaration by the registered persons, who have become eligible to avail the input tax credit under section 18(1) of the said ActSection 18(1) of CGST Act 2017GST ITC 1 Due Date
GST ITC 4Details of goods/capital goods sent to job worker and received backRule 45(3) of CGST Rules 2017GST ITC 4 Due Date
GST TRAN 1Transitional ITC/Stock StatementRule 117(1) , Rule 118 , Rule 119 and Rule 120  of CGST Rules 2017TRAN 1 Due Date
 GST TRAN 1 RevisionRevision of Transitional ITC/Stock StatementRule 120A of CGST Rules 2017 TRAN 1 Revision Due Date
GST TRAN 2Inputs on which CENVAT credit availed and held in Stock and no documents available evidencing payment of central excise duty on appointed dateRule 117(4)of CGST Rules 2017TRAN 2 Due Date
GST CMP-03Intimation of details of stock held on the date preceding the date from which the option for composition levy is exercisedRule 3(4) of CGST Rules 2017GST CMP 3 Due date

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