GST Returns : Free study Material

By | May 28, 2018
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GST Returns : Free study Material

Here is the Free study Material on GST Returns

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Return Scrutiny


SOP FOR Scrutiny of GST returns for FY 2017-18 and 2018-19 : Instruction No 02/2022-GST

Quarterly GST Return Scheme ( QRMP Scheme ) : Quarterly Return Monthly Payment

ITC Mismatch Notice and Scrutiny of GST Returns [Video Dated 02.06.2019] 

GST Officer Actions if GST Returns not Filed [Video dated 02.05.2019]

GSTN started sharing Mismatch data with tax authorities

How to prepare GST returns through offline tools

Due Date for GST Return

How to Track GST Return Status

How to View e-filed GST Returns

Change GST return Option from Quarterly to Monthly on GST Portal

GST Return Not Filed : Consequences

How to reply notice for mismatch in GST RETURN ?

Check list to avoid Json validation error in GST Return

GST offline utility for Return Filing : How to Download & Install

GST Tax department sends notices to non-filers of Return


New method of ITC Reversal of Credit Notes in New GST Return

Negative GST Liability reporting in New GST Return Filing : GST RET 1, 2 and 3

New GST Return Key Features [Video] 

New GST Returns Key Features

New GST Return Filing for Small and Large Taxpayers : Transition Plan

New GST Return Filing VS Old Return Filing Process : Difference

New GST Return Plan by CBIC announced on 11.06.2019

New GST Matching Tool & Anx 2 for Filing GST Return

GST ANX 2 Offline Tool Guide

GST ANX 1 Offline Tool

New GST Return Prototype RET 1 Website for New GST Return Demo

New GST Return Normal GST RET 1 Click here

New GST Return Sugam GST RET 3 Click here

New GST Return Sahaj GST RET 2 Click here New GST Return formats Released by CBIC 30.07.2018 : Download

GST Annual Return : GSTR 9 / GSTR 9A

GST Anuual Return : Complete Guide

GSTR 1 : Relevant Material for GST Returns

GSTR 1 Penalty for Late Filing changes from 01.4.2019 

Advisory : Filing of Quarterly GST Returns FORM GSTR1

How to declare Supply to merchant exporters @ 0.1%  in GST returns

Uploading GST invoices using CSV templates : Video  ,

How to Add Invoices in GSTR 1 GST Return : Video

How to upload GST invoices using excel templates

How to file GSTR 1 GST Return online : Video

GSTR 1 GST Return filing : 46 FAQ

GST Invoice Upload / Download on GST Portal : FAQ & User Manual

GSTR 2 : Relevant Material for GST Returns  

Advisory on GSTR 2 : GST Return

GSTR 2A : Relevant Material for GST Returns  

How to do GSTR 2A Reconciliation with Books ? Without Software : GST News 575


[Video] How to Download GSTR 2A in Excel from GST Portal : GST News 441

GSTR 2A : User Manual : View of Inward Supplies Return

How to View GSTR 2A : User Manual : View of Inward Supplies Return

GSTR 2A Additional Details on GST Portal Available

Circular No 15/15 /2017 GST : GSTR 2A ; GSTR 1A Due Date

GSTR 2A Download Details of auto drafted supplies


New GST Advisory on ITC and GSTR2B

New GSTR3B Changes and GSTR 2B New Return I CA satbir singh : 24 July 2020

GSTR 3B :Relevant Material for GST Returns

Penalty for GSTR 3B Late Filing I CA Satbir singh

GSTR 3B Interest Calculation & Reporting I GSTR 3B delayed filing I CA Satbir Singh

GSTR 3B Last Date for March 2020 I CA Satbir Singh

No recovery of Interest for delay in Filing GSTR 3B return unless Notice issue u/s 73 or Sec 74 : HC

Notification No 36/2020 Central Tax : GSTR 3B Date Extension May 2020

GSTR 3B Revision Allowed by High Court

GSTR 3B filing allowed without payment of GST by HC

How to download GSTR 3B filed Return from GST Portal

GSTR 3B & ITC Utilization Confusion of Rule 88A CGST

GSTR 3B Late fees Changes from 1st April 2019 [Video]

GSTR3B Offline Utility : Download

GSTR 3B due Date

What is the late Fees for not filing GSTR 3B on due dates ?

Penalty for Delayed filing of GSTR 3B Return : CBIC Clarified

Circular No 89/08/2019 GST : Penalty for wrong reporting in GSTR 3B & GSTR 1

No Reversal of Incorrect Input Tax Credit through GSTR 3B

What is the late Fees for not filing GSTR 3B on due dates ?

Exporters advised to file Table 6A and GSTR 3B for IGST Refund : Govt Press release

Where to show unregistered purchase in GSTR 3B after 13th Oct 2017

GSTR 3B FAQ : updated !

[Video] GSTR 3B changes on GST Portal : GST News 298: 30.05.2018

[Video] GSTR 3B New Features : Explained by GSTN

[Video] GST News [ Part 172 ] GSTR 3B return Filing Changed w.e.f 21.02.2018 : by CA Satbir Singh

Filing GSTR 3B is now made more User friendly w.e.f 21.02.2018

GST Paid short in GSTR 3B : How interest will be calculated

Unless and untill you use balance in cash ledger to pay tax in GSTR 3B, tax will not be assumed to be paid

How to rectify errors done while filing GSTR 3B ?

Will GSTR 3B be reconciled with GSTR 1 , GSTR 2 and GSTR 3

Can I edit GSTR 3B ? Answer

How to make Adjustments in GSTR 3B ?

GSTR 3B FAQ : updated !  

[Video] GSTR 3B New Features : Explained by GSTN

GST Nil Return Mandatory ?

Exporters advised to file Table 6A and GSTR 3B for IGST Refund : Govt Press release

GSTR 4 : Relevant Material for GST Returns

Notification No 67/2020 Central Tax dated 21st September, 2020 : GSTR 4 Late fees waiver from July, 2017 to March, 2020 if return filed between 22.09.2020 to 31.10.2020

Notification No 64/2020 Central Tax : GSTR 4 Date Extension FY 2019-20 to 31.10.2020

Notification No 34/2020 Central Tax :GSTR 4 and CMP 08 Date Extended 

No GST Late Fees for Delayed Tax payment from 01.04.2019 by Composition and 6% GST Scheme  

GSTR 4 FAQs and User Manual

GSTR 4 Due Dates :Composition Scheme Return :Quarter Wise and Notification No wise

How to File GSTR 4 : Composition Dealer GST Return

 Purchase Details not required in GSTR 4 ( serial No 4A of Table 4 ) :Notification

Notification No 73/2017 Central Tax : Waiver of late fee for GSTR 4

Purchase details in GSTR 4 Mandatory ?

Changes in Quarterly return (GSTR 4) /Composition levy

GSTR 4 Offline Utility : Download : GSTR return for Composition Dealer

GSTR 4 Filing Steps :

How to File GSTR 4 : Explained by GSTN : Video

How to file GSTR 4 with Offline Tool

JSON file processed with errors: GSTR 4 : correction Procedure

Notification No 59/2017 Central Tax : GSTR 4 Due date Extended : July to Sept 2017

How to Prepare GSTR 4 Offline utility : FAQ : Return for Composition Dealer

GSTR 5 : Relevant Material for GST Returns  

GSTR 5 FAQs and user Manual

GSTR 7 : Relevant Material for GST Returns  

GSTR 7 Due Dates : GST TDS Returns Due Dates

GST TDS Provisions Free Study Material

GSTR 8 : Relevant Material for GST Returns  

GSTR 8 Due Dates : GST TCS Returns Due Dates

GST TCS Provisions Free Study Material

GSTR 10 : GST Final Return

Notification No 68/2020 Central Tax Dated 21st September, 2020 : GSTR 10 Late Fees waiver

GSTR 10 Due Date : GST Final Return Due Date

Notification No 58/2018 Central Tax : Last date to file GST Final Return GSTR-10 if GST registration cancelled before 30th September 2018,

What will happen if GST Final Return ( GSTR 10 ) not filed on Time

How to File GST Final Return GSTR 10 on GST Portal [ in English ] by GSTN

How to file GST Final return GSTR 10 : FAQs and User Manual

How to file GSTR 10 Final Return on GST Portal

GSTR 10 :Final Return : Download/Print

GSTR10 Offline Utility : Download

Analysis Form GSTR-10 -Final Return

GSTR 11 : Relevant Material for GST Returns  

GSTR11 FAQs and User Manual : GST return by UIN holder

How to file GSTR 11 ; GST RFD 10 by UIN, Embassies, Consulates : GSTN official

File GSTR 11 using Offline Utility : Steps

GSTR 11 Download Statement of inward supplies by persons having Unique Identification Number (UIN)

Analysis GSTR 11 -Inward Supplies statement for UIN

TRAN 2 Relevant Study Material

GST TRAN 2 Download ; Details of inputs held on stock on appointment date


[Video ] How to File GST TRAN 2 : by Taxheal

GST TRAN 2 : user manual by GSTN

Upload GST TRAN 2 on Common Portal using offline tool

How to file GST TRAN 2 form ? Advisory

Order No 1 /2018  Central Tax : GST TRAN 2 Date Extended

TRAN 3 Relevant Study Material

Transition Form GST TRAN 3 FAQ by GSTN

How to File Transition Form GST TRAN 3 :User Manual

[Video ]How to file GST TRAN 3 / Claim GST ITC on CTD ( Credit Transfer Document )

Circular No. 33/07/2018 GST : Non-transition of CENVAT credit /disputed credit u/s 140 CGST Act /Non-utilization

ITC 1 Relevant Study Material

GST ITC 1 Declaration by the registered persons, who have become eligible to avail the input tax credit under section 18(1) of the said Act

How to file GST ITC 1 Forms : FAQs and user manual by GSTN

GST ITC 1 Due Date

Claim ITC on stock by filing FORM ITC 01 under GST


How to file GST DRC 20 : Application for Deferred Payment or Payment in Instalments

Study Material for GST Returns  

GST Officer can not blame computer if tax payer not able to file his GST returns : HC

New GST Return procedure : 27th GST Council Meeting decisions

Allow easy access to GST portals : Bombay HC directions to GSTN

GST Return filing : Issues and Challenges

ICAI suggests SUF Model for GST returns

Last dates of filing various GST Return forms.

GST Return FAQs: Part 1 : by CA Satbir Singh I TaxHeal

GST Returns & Payment of Taxes : ICSI : Video

GST Returns and ITC : GST Ki Master Class : 26 10 2017 : DD News

GST returns by casual taxable person : Issues

Defer GST Return matching requirement : ICAI Suggestion

Transition Form GST TRAN 3 FAQ

How to File Transition Form GST TRAN 3

Topic wise Commentary on GST Act of India


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