GST Tax Invoice of India : Analysis

By | October 3, 2016
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2016)

GST Tax Invoice

  • Section 23 of the Model GST Act contains the provisions regarding tax invoice. GST Tax invoice is an important document stating transaction of supply or agreement of supply of goods and/or services.
  • 5 Rules for GST Tax Invoice prescribed-The Draft Invoice Rules have 5 Rules viz. Tax invoice under GST, Manner of Issuing Invoice, Bill of supply, Supplementary tax invoice and Credit or debit notes, Tax Invoice in special cases.

    Download GST Draft Invoice Rules released by CBEC

  • Information to be filed in GST Tax Invoice-The Draft Invoice Rules provides that the tax invoice which is to be issued by supplier shall have an extensive list of information, numbering around 20 viz. name, address and GSTIN of the supplier, HSN code of goods or Accounting Code of services, rate of tax (CGST, SGST or IGST), place of delivery where the same is different from the place of supply etc.

Also, in case of exports information such as name and address of the recipient, address of delivery, name of the country of destination and number and date of application for removal of goods for export [ARE-1] are also required to be given.

  • Manner of issuing invoice under GST – The invoice shall be prepared in triplicate, in case of supply of goods, and in duplicate, in case of supply of services.
  • Form for application for Electronic Reference Number of Invoice under GST – Form GST INV -1 has been prescribed in which a taxable person can apply for obtaining Electronic Reference Number of an Invoice (valid for 30 days) and produce the same for verification by the proper officer as required under Section 61 of the Model GST Act instead of the tax invoice.

    Download GST Draft Invoice formats Released by CBEC

  • Bill of supply-A registered taxable person supplying non-taxable goods and/or services or paying tax under Composition scheme is required to issue, bill of supply instead of a tax invoice. Bill of Supply, which is to be issued by supplier shall have a list of information numbering around 12 viz. name, address and GSTIN of the supplier, date of its issue, HSN Code of goods or Accounting Code for services, description and value of goods or services etc.
  • Time period for raising invoice- The Draft Invoice Rules provides for 30 days time limit for raising invoice from the date of supply of services. However, the Model GST Act provides that for goods, the tax invoice is to be issued at the time of supply.

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