GST Transition : Free Study Material

By | June 26, 2018
(Last Updated On: August 25, 2021)

GST Transition : Free Study Material

Study Material on Transition to GST

GST Notice for transferring personal ledger accounts (PLAs) Balance to GST as transitional credit

No Credit of Krishi Kalyan cess allowed to be carried forward under GST : MAHARASHTRA AAR

Transitions provisions under GST – Analysis

Free E Book on GST Transitional Provisions : Download

Input Tax Cedit on Closing Stock under GST

Carry Forward of unutlized ITC on Capital Goods under GST

Goods Sold Prior to GST but Returned after GST Act comes into force – Treatment

Tax paid on Goods before GST but received after GST Act comes into force

GST Transition Credit FAQs : part 1 : by Taxheal ! जीएसटी ट्रांजीशन

GST Transitional Credit not available to Manufacturer / Service provider : ICAI Suggetions

Analysis of GST Transition Rules

GST Transition PPT ; Download Print

Key Points of Final GST Transition Rules ; GST on Closing Stock on 30.06.2017

Redraft Rule 4 of GST Transition to allow Principal to declare stock at job worker &; ICAI ; GST Rules Issue 13

Simplify Carry forward of Tax or Duty credit provisions for GST Transitions ; ICAI ; GST Rules Issue 10

GST Transitional Provisions Rules Analysis -Draft by CBEC March 2017

GST Transition Rules &; 31.03.2017 Released by CBEC ; Download -Print

GST Transitional Provision and procedure for registeration and returns -video

GST Transition Provisions PPT -19.12.2016

GST Transitional Provisions -Video Tutorial

Final GST Transitional Provisions Rules &; Approved by GST Council &; Print


High Court allowed to file GST TRAN-1 as there were technical glitches on GST Portal

Tran-1 filing allowed if could not be uploaded due to technical glitches: HC

GST Portal Can’t be opened for TRAN 1 Filing if no technical glitches while uploading : HC

Open GST portal or allow manual filing of Tran-1 if could not be filed due to technical error : HC

For TRAN 1 filing after due date , make application before GST Council : HC

Tran 1 filling allowed when it was not filed due to bona fide reason : HC

TRAN-1can be revised if clerical error committed : HC

Tran-1 upload allowed on GST portal if unable to do due to technical glitches : HC

Allow manual filing of TRAN-1 if GST Portal not opened : HC

Related GST Orders on Tranisition

Order No 4/2018 GST : Filing of GST TRAN-1 Form reopened : Dated 17.09.2018

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