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GST Video Tutorials

Audit : Videos on GST Audit

GST Audit : Free Video Tutorials

Audit by Tax Authorities under GST [ Video Tutorial ]

Special Audit under GST [ Video Tutorial ]

How to do GST Audit : Part 2 : GST News Part 220 :

How to do GST Audit : GST News Part 218 :

How to do GST Audit Part 3 : GST News Part 224 :

GST Audit Limit : GST News [Part 251 ]

Draft GST Audit Report Formats : GST News Part 305

Auditor Responsibility for GST Audit : GST News 429

Annual Return under GST

GST Annual Return GSTR 9 : Free Video Tutorials

How to Fill GSTR 9 : Part 1 Basic Details : जीएसटी 9 कैसे भरें : भाग 1 : मूल विवरण

12 Key Points about GST Annual Return

GST Annual Return has to be filed GSTIN wise

Mistakes in GST monthly Return Can’t be rectified in GST Annual return

Annual Return under GST : Basic Provisions

[Video] GST Annual Return GSTR 9 Notified : जीएसटी वार्षिक रिटर्न : GST News 470

Appeal : Videos on GST Appeal

How to file GST Appeal online : GST APL 1 : GST News 376

जीएसटी पोर्टल पर अपील कैसे फ़ाइल करें : How to File Appeal on GST Portal : Explained by GSTN

How to file online appeal against GST Demand Order : GST News 386

Who can appear before GST Officer or in Appeals : Authorized Representative : GST News [ Part 243 ]

Orders not Appealable under GST ? GST News [Part 252]

Can you submit Additional Evidence in GST Appeal ? GST News Part 254

GST Appeal form for filing appeal with Commissioner (Appeals) GST Appeal Part 274

Appeal filing Limit Increased by CBIC for Department : News 373

Advance Ruling : Videos on GST Advance Ruling

Apply online for GST Advance Ruling : GST News [ Part 230 ] :

New functions on GST Portal :Explained by GSTN on 25.04.18

GST Advance Ruling for Unregistered Dealers : GST News Part 238

Export : Videos on Export under GST

Eway bill required for Exports of Goods ? : GST News 336

New Circular for GST 06.06.2018 : GST News 318

Track Exports Refund Status on GST Portal : GST News 295

New GST Order & Circular issued 06.04.2018 : GST News [Part 206] :

File Online LUT for Export on GST Portal :GST News [Part 176] :

GST Export Refund Procedure : GST News [Part 175] by CA Satbir Singh :

GST News [ Part 162 ] Export FAQs : by CA Satbir Singh !

GST News [ Part 161 ] : Export FAQs : by CA Satbir Singh !

Import :  Videos on Import under GST

GST Journal Entries of Inward Supply for import / Branch transfer : GST News [Part 210]

Judgments : Videos on GST Judgments

GST News Part 275 : GST Judgments Series -1

GST on Compensation received by Tenant : GST News 358

GST on Cheque Dishonour Fees & non tariff charges recovered from consumer : GST News

GST on Liaison office Expenses in India : GST News 380

GST if goods purchased and sold outside India : GST News Part 226

GST on Supply from Duty free shops at international airports : GST News [Part 236]

Portal : Videos on GST Portal

 CBIC online Helpdesk for GST issues, Excise & Service tax issues : GST News 379

New Functions on GST Portal Part 3 : Explained by GSTN

 How to file GST Ledger related Complaints on GST Portal in PMT 4 : GST News 344

Penalty and Offences : Videos on GST Penalty and Offences

Eway Bill Penalty : GST News [ Part 258 ]

Arrest in GST ? : GST News Part 259

GST Summon : GST News Part 260

Reduced penalty Payment Option on GST portal

GST Fraud of Rs 28 crore in Delhi : GST News

Practitioner : Videos on GST Practitioner

What GST Practitioner can do on GST Portal ? GST News Part 248

GST practitioner enrollment valid for 18 Months ? : GST News 330

GST Practitioner Powers to be increased : GST News 372

GST Practitioners to pass Exam before 31.12.2018 : GST News 377

TDS & TCS: Videos on GST TDS /TCS Provision

GST TDS FAQs : GST News 513

How to View and Download GST TDS Certificate

 Penalty for not issuing GST TDS Certificates : GST News 495

Penalty for not deducting GST TDS : GST News 495

 How to Check & Approve GST TDS and TCS credit

How to file GST TDS Return GSTR 7 in Hindi : Explained by GSTN [ Video]

How to File GST TDS Return GSTR 7

 TDS Authorities Registration on GST portal ? GST News Part 276

GST TDS Provisions : Detailed Analysis in Hindi by GSTN

TDS on payments under GST 

Tax Invoice : Videos on GST Tax Invoice

GST Cash Invoice Limit

 GST Tax invoice, Credit and Debit Notes Accounts & Records

GST Invoice for continuous supply of services

 GST : Goods sent on Approval Basis : Delivery Challan

 GST Invoice not Paid in 180 days

GST News [ Part 137 ] : Invoice FAQs : by CA Satbir Singh !

 GST News [ Part 138 ] : GST Invoice FAQs : by CA Satbir Singh !

 GST News [ Part 163 ] : Invoice FAQs : by CA Satbir Singh !

 GST Tax Invoice may not be issued ? GST News [Part 244] by CA Satbir Singh

 Last date for GST Tax Invoice for goods ? GST News Part 256

 Last date for GST Tax Invoice for Services ? GST News Part 257

 GST on discounts ? GST News Part 264

 GST Self Invoice & Payment vouchers for Reverse Charge Services : GST News Part 269

 GSTR 3B late fees waiver if TRAN 1 submitted but not Filed : GST News Part 270

 GST Invoice for free samples ?: GST News Part 272

 Govt Forgot to make HSN code rules for Delivery Challan ? GST News 277

 HSN Code Rules under GST ? GST News 278

Electronic signatures on Tax Invoice ? GST News

 Two different dates on Tax Invoice & Eway bill allowed ? GST News 288

 GST Consolidated credit or debit Notes will be allowed : GST News 371

 Rules to issue Single Tax Invoice in GST for all B2C supplies in a day

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