Handbook on Valuation of Securities and Financial Assets 2020 edition Book

By | August 27, 2020
(Last Updated On: August 27, 2020)

Handbook on Valuation of Securities and Financial Assets  30 July 2020

Handbook on Valuation of Securities and Financial Assets

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This book is designed keeping in mind the dual needs of a professional who is preparing for the Registered Valuation Examination and a practicing or aspiring valuer. The book would be immensely useful for the chartered accountants, company secretaries, lawyers and management professionals (E.g. MBA-Finance) while undertaking the valuation examination as it gives the provisions of different statutes covered under Valuation examination syllabus in a summarised manner.


Enhanced and updated with:
– Over 1000 Examination oriented questions case studies (online and offline) – including actual exam questions.
– Comprehensive and practical focus for valuation of financial assets and securities (India focus).
– Online resource with Excel templates.
– Draft Valuer’s Bill, 2020.
– National and International Valuation standards.


Key features:
1. Comprehensive coverage of following valuation concepts and topics covered in the exam:
Ø Finance and Financial Statement Analysis.
Ø Overview of Valuation.
Ø Fundamental analysis of a business.
Ø Valuation of Equity, Bonds, Derivatives and Other Financial Assets.
Ø Valuation in special situations such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Private companies, Start-up companies, SMEs, Cyclic company valuation, intangibles, goodwill, distressed asset valuation and others.
Ø Corporate laws including Companies Act, 2013, NCLT, Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation) Rules, 2017, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code & SARFESI Act, 2002.
Ø General laws covering Contract Act, Sale of Goods Act, Transfer of Property Act, Income-tax Act, SEBI & FEMA.
Ø Reference to “Valuation by Registered Valuers” in Companies Act, 2013 and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 in summarised form.
Ø Laws and Regulations relating to Valuation such as Ind AS 113, International & Indian Valuation Standards.
2. Usage of simple language and concise presentation of content.
3. Close to 1,000 Examination oriented Practice Questions, including actual exam questions and Mock Question papers.
4. Examination oriented Case Studies including actual case studies.
5. Access to premium online resources and Excel Templates for valuation.


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