How to Apply for TDS Refund by Deductor

By | January 21, 2019
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Request for TDS Refund under Income Tax

Important Information to Request for Refund

•Deductor can apply for TDS refund from FY 2007-08 onwards for Form type 24Q, 26Q, 27EQ, 27Q

•It is mandatory to register digital signature on TRACES to submit the Refund Request

• PAN of Deductor should be same as per TAN Master and TRACES profile and should be non blank.

• A refund request can contain maximum of Five Challans. For claiming more challans, submit new request.

• Maximum refund amount will be the minimum challan balance amount in the challan history.

• Available amount per challan must be greater than Rs.100/-

• Ensure that all statement in which the challan has been claimed have been processed before claiming refund for the challan.

• Refund cheque will be issued in the Name and Address of the Deductor as per TRACES profile.

Brief Steps for- Refund Request

Step 1 : Login to TRACES website

• Step 2 : Go to “Request for Refund” under “ Statement Payment Tab“

• Step 3: Before submitting the refund request go through the checklist and click on “Proceed”

• Step4: Please select Section code:

 Refund Request for Challan u/s 195

 Refund Request for Challan other than sec. 195

Select Appropriate reason for raising the Refund Request, Click on “ Add Challan” after selecting appropriate reason for raising Refund Request

Step 5: Give challan details for which deductor wants to claim refund

• Step 6: Give Bank details to submit refund request

• Step7: Validate DSC and request will be submitted, deductor has to take the print out of 26B

• Step8: 26B has to be submitted within 14 days to the Accessing officer

• Step9: Request will be available under “ Track refund Request”

• Step10: Search refund request either through search option 1 or search option 2

Step11: Once refund request gets approved, refund will be sent to deductor by cheque, if refund amount is more than 50000 else it will be transferred to bank account which deductor mentions at the time of submitting refund request

Some of the common rejection Reasons are

•Request will be rejected by AO in case invalid Bank Details. •Request will be rejected in case change in available balance due to change in associated challan.

•Request will be rejected in case reduction in available balance due to change in associated challan.

•Request will be rejected in case open challan correction due to change in associated challan.

•Request will be rejected in case force challan matching by AO due to change in associated challan.


•PENDING WITH AO: Once the request is submitted and validated request will be displayed with status

•PENDING WITH TDS: Status will be pending with TDS CPC if request is approved by AO

•PENDING WITH REFUND BANKING: Status will be pending with Refund Banker if request is with Bank

E Tutorial on How to apply for TDS Refund


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