How to Get Certified Copies For Companies and LLPS from ROC

By | February 25, 2019
(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

Get Certified Copies Of Documents For Companies

Click here to Get Certified Copies Of Documents For Companies

tep 1: Log in into Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal i.e. MCA. For this purpose, you shall need a User ID and a Password.

Step 2: Go to “Get Certified Copies” tab under “MCA Services” tab (extremely right, top second).

Step 3: Type the CIN/name of the Company of which we need the certified copies and select the Company details.

Step 4: Select the document of which certified copy is required and the year in which the same was filed. For this purpose, it is always recommended to verify the document through public inspection and then only proceed further.

Step 5: Select the page nos. range and the number of copies required as certified.

Step 6: The fee details that is required to be paid shall appear along with the stamp duty. Click “Add to cart”.

Step 7: Now, you can add more documents of which certified copies is required. It is important to note that always add attachments separately as selecting the form alone does not imply that the attachments shall also be certified and accordingly, the request for getting certified copies of the attachments has be made separately.

Step 8: After the documents is selected, click on “View Payment details”.

Step 9: Click on “Make payment”.

Step 10: Make payments through any of the mode i.e. Credit Card/Debit card/Internet Banking/NEFT.

Further, the fees for getting certified copy of the order is as following:

Get Certified Copies Of Documents For LLPs

Click here to Get Certified Copies Of Documents For LLPs

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