How to Handle Income Tax Problems, 31st Ed, 2022, Set of 2 Vol

By | November 1, 2022
(Last Updated On: November 1, 2022)

How to Handle Income Tax Problems, 31st Ed, 2022, Set of 2 Vol



Containing FAQs & practical problems and its solutions in easy to follow language with guidelines on art of handling the tax matters and ideas for tax-planning under various heads of income together with Tax rates, Depreciation rates, Cost Inflation Index, Rates of Gold and Silver. Also incorporating Optional Alternate Tax Rates for individuals and HUFs for asst. year 2022-23 u/s 115BAC and for certain Co-op Societies u/s 115BAD, Concessional Rates u/s 115BAA and 115BAB for domestic companies, new provisions of Virtual Digital Asset, amended provisions of tax on Trusts, Educational and Medical Institutions, Disallowance of expenditure in respect of exempt income u/s 14A, Exemption of amount for treatment of Covid, amendment of sec. 35, inadmissible expenses u/s 37, surcharge or cess u/s 40, sec. 50, 56, cash credit u/s 68, sec. 79, new sec. 79A, 80-IAC, 80LA, 92CA, 94, 115BAB, 115BBD, 115BBH, 115BBI, 115JC, 115JF, 115TD, 115TE, 115TF, 119, 132,B, 133A, new provisions of Updated Return u/s 139(8A), 140B, 143, 144, substituted provisions of Faceless assessment u/s 144B, 144C, Reassessment u/s 148, 148B, 149, 153, 153B, 155, 156A, 158AA, 158AB, 170, 170A, 179, TDS u/s194-IA, 194-IB, new sec. 194R and 194S, amended sec. 201, 206AB, 206C, 206CCA, 234A, 234B, new sec. 239A, amended sec. 245MA, 246A, 248, 253, 255, Revision u/s 263, penalties u/s 271AAB, 271AAC, 271AAD, 271AAE, 271C, 272A, prosecution u/s 276AB, 276B,276CC, 278AA, substituted provision of furnising statement u/s 285B and other amendments. Provisions of Income under the heads Salary, house property, Business & Profession, Capital Gains, Income from Other Sources, and other amendments made by the Finance Act, 2022. Also referring to decisions of various Courts and ITAT, latest CBDT Notifications and Circulars.

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